My Oral Presentation of

Daniel Goleman's Emotional Intelligence, pg 261-287

"Schooling the Emotions"

Spring 2000, 409B

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    This report will focus on Chapter 16 - Schooling the Emotions of Daniel Goleman's Emotional Intelligence [ 1985 by Bantam Books].  Goleman opens the chapter by letting his readers in on how attendance is taken at Nueva School.   Here, fifth graders call out a number that indicates how they are feeling that day instead of responding the usual 'Here' when roll call is taken.  Nueva School is a private school in San Fransisco that offers courses on Self Science, that is, emotional intelligence.  The main subject is feelings - your own and those of others around yourself - that includes the tensions and traumas children go through daily.   Teachers speak about real issues and how to handle them properly.  As a result, the level of social and emotional competence in children increases.  Other courses that are offered in these institutions are school-based prevention programs centered around teen smoking, drug abuse, pregnancy, dropping out, and violence.   These programs are conjugated with ways to control impulsiveness, anger, and finding creative solutions to social predicaments. 


    In this section, Goleman gives the readers a scenario wherein the students are divided into three groups.  Each group is responsible to complete a puzzle without the use of any form of communication.  The group that completed the puzzle first is comprised of efficient and cooperative fifth graders.  The second group that finished the task was a group of children   initially working separately, then, gradually  working collectively, thus, finishing the puzzle.  The final group, however, is made up of  frustrated and disruptive students who obviously did not complete the task on time.  Clearly, this section talks about the benefits of being able to collaborate with other members of a particular group or organization. 


   We all heard the saying, "No man is an island."  This pertains, especially, to the section being discussed.    I agree with Goleman because having the ability to cooperate and work as a team is imperative towards the completion and the success of a given task.  Working and thinking as a team, not only completes the task quicker, but also teaches us to respect and accept each other's differences.  We can also relate the concept of cooperation in driving.  Hi choops!! :) happy burfday..