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Site: Feminist Majority Foundation


About the author:

The Feminist Majority Foundation (FMF) is the author of this site, and was created to develop bold, new strategies and programs to advance women


About the president of FMF:

Eleanor Smeal is the president of Feminist Majority Foundation.  She holds an M.A. in Political Science, and an honorary Doctor of Law degree from Duke University.  She is recognized throughout the nation as a womenfs rights leader.  She has been a president of National Organization for women. 


She is recognized throughout the nation as a womenfs rights leader.  For over 20 years, she has been played a leading role in both national and state campaigns to win womenfs rights legislation and a number of landmark state and federal court cases for womenfs rights.


Over the past 30 years, she has been on the frontlines fighting for womenfs equality.  She has been at the forefront of almost every major womenfs rights victory – Violence Against Women Act, Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act, and Civil Rights Act of 1991.  She has pushed to make Social Security and pensions more equitable for women, and to realign federal priorities by developing a feminist budget.  She has campaigned to close the wage gap and to achieve pay equity for the vast majority of women who are segregated in low-paying jobs. 


She pioneered the use of the Internet as a feminist organizing and research tool by launching Feminist Majority ON-line in August, 1995 as one of the first non-profit and first wonenfs organization sites on the World Wide Web. 


The world Almanac for 1983 chose her as the fourth most influential woman in the United States.

She was named as Time Mazaginefs as one of the g50 faces for Americafs Futureh in their August 6, 1979 cover story. 


As President of the National Organization for Women, she led the drive to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment, the largest nationwide grassroots and lobbying campaign in the history of the modern womenfs movement. 


Overall Interest:

The table of contents is easy to be recognized with nice color combination.

Very well designed and organized.


General Content:

Clicking on gStop Gender Apartheidh, the information on Taliban, an extremist militia in Afghanistan issued decrees in 1996 banning women and girls from going to school, to work, or leaving their houses without a male relative.  Violating Taliban decrees bring brutal punishment: beating, stoning, and death.  Led by the FMF, the Campaign to Stop Gender Apartheid has brought together over 180 leading human rights and womenfs organizations, in the US and around the world, to demand that the human rights abuses against women and girls in Afghanistan must end. 


In gFeminist Research Centerh, there are search engines to be navigated after clicking on gFeminist Internet Search Utilitiesh. 

Other than the search engines, Womenfs Studies programs in the universities in the USA are introduced.  There are links to the sites of Feminist Journals and magazines.


In gFeminist Internet Gatewayh, there are different kinds of categories to navigate the viewer who is seeking resources on research, such as gViolence Against Womenh and gWomen and Workh.  gGlobal Feminist Resourceh provides feminist related information in different countries, such as India.  Using one of the search engines provided underneath, gWWWomenh, I found a site, titled, gPsychotherapist and Applied Non-violent Self-Defense Trainerh by putting a word gAggressive behaviorh. It introduces self-defense and safety tips to prevent from being a victim of violence.


g911 for Womenh provides nation and statewide hotlines for domestic violence.  There is a site of RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network) under gSexual Assault & Rape Crisis Resource Listh.  It provides facts and information on sex crimes.

For example:

E In 1996, 307,000 women were the victim of rape, attempted rape or sexual assault.  [National Crime Victimization Survey. Bureau of Justice Statistics, U.S. Department of Justice, 1997]

E     Approximately 68% of rape victims knew their assailant. 

E     29% of female victims reported that the offender was a stranger. 

E     68% of rapes occur between the hours of 6pm and 6am.  [All statistics are taken from Violence against women. Bureau of Justice Statistics, U.S. Department of Justice, 1994]


Under gSexual Assault Internet Resourceh, there is a site of gThe Domestic Violence Project, Inc./SAFE Househ, authored by a private, non-profit corporation.  In the site, I could download gSurvivorfs Handbookh.  There is much useful information on domestic violence in the Handbook.  I found the gwarning signs of abusersh interesting.  It says that there is no sure-fire way to identify a batterer ahead of time, but it provides questionnaires you can ask yourself about your partner to think about whether the person is abusive or not.  For example, gIs he very, very jerous?h, gDoes he want to know where you are every single minute?h and gDoes he say he canft ehelpf losing his temper?h


gGlobal Feminismh introduces the latest news related to feminists and feminism in the world.


Under gReproductive Rightsh, there is gAbortion Rights Resourcesh to click on, and in there, many sites related to abortion, such as gThe Abortion Rights Activist Home Pageh, gNational Abortion Federationh, and gPlanned Parenthoodh are available to consult with reproductive and abortion rights.  There is a site aimed to help to end AIDS crisis, titled gACT UPh(AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power).


Under gFeminists Arts, Literature, and Entertainmenth, you can find many feminism related books by clicking on gFeminist Bookfindersh. 


Search engines:

There is a search engine in this site.  Putting a word gDomestic Violenceh, I found FMF-Domestic Violene Information Center, and was led to view the  gDomestic Violence Facts.h  Clicking on gInternet Resourceh, there is general information on abuse, assault, rape and domestic violence.  There is a site of gAsian Task Force Against Domestic Violenceh in the organization category.  The site provides the definitions and the information so that women who have been abused by their partners can have idea that they have been abused, and tips to escape from the partner who has been abusing them.


Specific Content:

Article of gContact Sports and Violence Against Womenh under gEmpowering Women in Sportsh

A study suggests that there is a link between men athletes and violence against women.  According to a survey of 530 undergraduate men at the University of Arizona, male college students who participated in formal athletics were slightly more likely to feel hostile towards women, and to engage in sexual aggression, than other men.  The best predictors of sexual aggression and hostility to women were high alcohol and nicotine use. 

A possible reason is that there are coaches of contact sports often exhort players to perform better by telling them not to beh6 4 sissiesh or ggirls.h  There are rugby songs that describe violence against women, and the women-degrading language used by players of contact sports. Women are not seen as fellow athletes to be respected. 

College and professional football players who commit sexual assault are often given preferential treatment by police, judges, and sports authorities.  For example, the NFL usually does not suspend players who have been convicted of sexual assault, domestic violence, or other violence.  The cycle of male aggression and violence against women is sustained by encouraging boys to become aggressive, violent athletes, and by encouraging girls to cheer for them.


Overall reaction:

This site was interesting and it conveys the message of the importance of keeping active for women to achieve equity.  In the links of another feminism website, I found this site was introduced as a gate-way of feminism site.  After I read the informative articles on this site, I felt there were many things that women are degraded in many societies in the world.  At the same time I was ashamed of myself for not knowing very much about feminist issues, I had an urge for catching up and acquaint myself with feminism.





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