Book Review

gWorking with emotional intelligenceh by Daniel Goleman



                                                                                   By Mizue Nakamura

A Golemanfs message.

     This book opened my eyes.  Until I read this book, I thought the motto of our work place was to pursue a greater profit to its organization.  Nonetheless, the motto of todayfs organizations is changing to create an ideal work place that the employees work in a good atmosphere and in harmony with one another.  As a result, the greatest ability of each employee is derived and the greater profit to the organization is possible.  The shift of organization from being materialistic to spiritualistic, I would say, can be observed in todayfs organizations in both west and east societiesf.

     The employees who have emotional competencies can bring the organization upward.  Thus, it is important to hire people who already have these competencies.  Even if we were not sure if we have employees with emotional competencies already working for or with us, there is still a hope.  These competencies, such as motivation, self-control, empathy, and social skills can be taught.  It is never too late for us to learn these competencies if we realize that we lack some competencies.  And it is never impossible for us to make our emotional intelligence to be higher and be successful in the work place and the society.

     The time when people put too much emphasis on higher IQ created emotionally unintelligent people.  Those people cannot read othersf mind because they cannot empathize with others.  They are disliked by others for being arrogant because they do not have ability to communicate well with others or they lack ability of self-assessment.  We need to educate children the importance of creating a harmony with others, as well as we ourselves keep learning and acquiring emotional competencies.

     The best thing Goleman told me was the importance of being optimistic, referring to persistence in pursuing goals despite obstacles and setbacks (26).  It seems only the best can happen if you are an optimist.  An optimistic person can make a realistic assessment of a setback and start working to solve it, whereas a pessimist suffers a setback because he or she takes it is impossible to overcome with obstacles.  Also, it seems easier for optimistic person to be motivated because the optimist take everything is controllable, so he or she is willing to make an effort to make it happen.  The motivation makes a person to persist until he or she achieves the goal, and that is the attitude indispensable for a person to be successful.

     I can say that Goleman gave us a hope because his consistent message thrown to the readers is everyone can learn emotional competencies to be successful in the society.  I am glad that I had a chance to read the whole book because it was the textbook in our class.




Goleman, D.  Working with Emotional Intelligence  (1998).  New York: BANTAM BOOKS



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