Annotated Bibliography on the Age of Rage
--Rage Diversity--
Amanda Park
March 9, 2001


When I first enrolled in this class I did not think that rage and anger could be considered the same. According to the teacher rage occurs when a person becomes angry, even if the person shows a little anger toward someone or something, that is considered rage. Iíve learned from researching different kinds of rage on the internet and from learning in class that rage come in many, many different forms. This report covers 1% of the rage out in the world, and if anything this report reveals to me that I have just discovered the tip of the iceberg. If someone researches more on this topic Iím sure they will find that that these ten reports of rage are just the beginning and there are millions more subjects out there.


 Itís good to know that divorce, separation and child abuse has such an effect on children because then we can help our children to learn and understand and as the adult we are aware how much of an affect it has on a child. With more experiments and studies maybe people will be able to find how much of an impact divorce, separation, and child abuse takes itís toll on children and people will be better able to help educate kids, making these kinds of things not so hard on kids.








This could be a warning to all people that want that quick fix that only cosmetic surgery can give someone. Be aware of the credentials of doctors that claim that they can do a "quick" tuck, or a little laser surgery. Often fixing the mistakes that these doctors do is much costlier than getting the surgery done by a licensed, practiced cosmetic surgeon.



Air rage shouldnít be something that people wouldnít know about because thousands of people fly all around the world everyday. When people fly in the cramped environment it makes them irritable. I know Iíve felt like lashing out when I have flown, especially on long flights. Itís scary for the flight attendants because they have to deal with these kinds of people everyday and every time they work.




With millions upon millions of people enjoying the internet as either working on it or just for relaxation there are bound to be some depraved people stalking and abusing itís use. People have to understand that the internet can be very, very usefulÖbut on the same line it can be a hotbed and much easier for abusers to harass strangers because of the secrecy and hiding behind their computer screen.





I think that environmental pollution rage is fitting because in this day and age there is more pollution being created because there are more people living on the planet. If we donít take care of this one planet we all live on then we are doomed because we are not far enough into science to be able to move to another planet and live there.


-Children are at the greatest risk from air pollution because they breathe in far more air per pound of body weight than adults and their respiratory systems are still developing.

-Elderly people lose important respiratory defense mechanisms as they age.

-Healthy people of all ages who exert themselves strenuously by exercising or working outdoors are affected by air pollution, as they are more likely to breathe fast and inhale deeply.


 When I first ran across this issue while looking up rage on the internet it surprised me what I found. There is the stigma that strippers pretty much do what they want and then they can leave at the end of their "work day". But that is not the case, I donít know if this is for every strip club, the strippers are so shabbily treated that there should be a better policy for them to work by!




Now work place rage is a scary one because this happens and people are aware of it happening, but what most people donít know is how to stop it before it happens. People must be aware of things going on, the little cues, before the situation turns into a killing spree.




In conclusion this report helped me to understand other peopleís perspective and it shows me that even though I donít come across one or more of these types of rage everyday there are people who do. All people should listen and learn that rage is something we have to control, even when it seems that getting angry is something that will get our point across, it is not the right thing to do. Being intelligent means knowing when and where and how to handle a situation, getting angry is just an easy way out. Now talking something out is harder, but a 100% better way and helps everyone out in the end.


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