Fifteen Minute Oral Presentation

(Was to be presented on April 10, 2001)


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The main title of the page I was linked to was Empowering Women in Sports. More specifically, the link went directly to one of the articles entitled "Contact Sports and Violence Against Women."


Overall Interest

This site was interesting to navigate and easy to follow because it's very organized. Getting a mental map of the site was fairly easy as well because the table of contents menu was on the far right-side of all the articles with all the links to the different articles, so you didn't have to keep pressing the backward button to go back to previously viewed articles. The link titles (which are also the article titles) are clear and good indicators as to what each article is about. I also liked the fact that after clicking on a link, it didn't take forever for the page to come up. Each page came up swiftly which made navigating the site a bit more enjoyable. This site was quite extensive, yet at the same time not too overwhelming to the point of nausea like in some sites.


General Content

The site as a whole contains information that is very interesting because it has up-to-date data on women's status in the world as a whole (i.e., salary differences between genders, stereotypes/attitudes made about women and towards women, women in sports, etc.). The general content of this particular section (that the link went directly to) informs the reader about the gender inequalities that still remain in sports and the seriousness of this inequality. There are a total of 10 different articles on the subject of women in sports ranging from "Women Still on the Sidelines" to "Myths about Gender Equity." The organization that is the overall author of this site is the Feminist Majority Foundation, thus, the content in this site basically favors women and fights for the rights of women.


Specific Content

The article I would like to present is "Contact Sports and Violence Against Women" which is the page that the assigned link directed me to.

The article basically says there is a connection between contact sports like ice hockey, football, basketball, and rugby. The author of The Stronger Women Get, the More Men Love Football, Mariah Nelson, states that "coaches of these sports often exhort players to perform better by telling them not to be '6'4" sissies' or 'girls'." In her book she quotes rugby songs that degrade women and describe violent acts against them.

This article also gives statistics about men athletes commiting violent acts against women.

According to a recent study of student-athletes at ten Division 1 universities showed that although male athletes made up only 3.3% of the male university population, 19% of the students were reported for sexual assault. Of the male student-athletes reported for sexual assaults, 67% were football or basketball players.

Another study suggests link between men athletes and violence against women. A survey of 530 undergraduate men at the University of Arizona (men college students who participated in formal athletics) were slightly more likely to feel hostile towards women, and to engage in sexual aggression that other men. In addition, high alcohol and nicotine use were the best predictors of sexual aggression.

This article further reiteriates that according to a Washington Post article, college and professional football players who sexually assault women are often given preferential treatment by police, judges, and sports authorities.

My Comments

As I was reading through this article, I found the statistics given to be quite alarming. I did not realize how much of an impact male athletes in football and basketball made in the statistics of college males committing sexual assaults against women.

I found the statement about one of the best predictors of sexual aggression being high alcohol use to be not as shocking. It's pretty obvious to me if someone is under the influence of alcohol one loses his sense of judgement and is impaired in every way, especially thinking logically. Although, high nicotine use did somewhat surprise me.

I definitely agree with the article from the Washington Post about professional athletes (who have commited violence) getting preferential treatment. There's been so many incidents reported in the news about NFL athletes and college athletes who have been convicted of violent acts, yet in the end, they just get slapped with a fine or some other so-called 'punishment' and basically get away with a slap on the wrist. Whenever I hear stories like that it just makes me sick, and it really goes to show what kind of world we live in.


Overall, I liked this site because it was very informative, organized, and written in such a way that was fairly easy to understand. I also liked this site because it included additional resources such as links and addresses to other organizations, additional readings, etc. It was very user-friendly with links to joining and becoming a member of their organization, a feedback form, and a search engine. What I also thought was innovative was that they had an online store where you could buy teen shirts with the Feminist Majority Organization logo on it, videos, books, screensavers, mugs, etc.

Here are links to some of the different areas in the site including the homepage of the Feminist Majority Foundation.


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