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Jus' kiddin'! Well, come to think of it...most of it is. Actually, this page is geared towards my psychology class this semester and the course topic is on the.....


Age of Rage


Personally, I'm not a rage kinda gal. (Yeah...sure...LOL) This site will educate you as to what rage is and the many types that are out there. The most important thing to realize is that we all have our episodes of rage and it is up to us to take the initiative to have self-control. Hopefully, this site will not only provide information about the "Age of Rage", but also provide solutions as to how to prevent our own rage episodes.

Well, happy surfing! Oh yeah...enjoy your stay and remember...Just Say No to Rage!!!



Report 1 - What's Up With All the Rage?

Report 2 - A Victim of Rage

15-Minute Presentation

Psy 409b Class Page

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