3-Minute Presentation (pg. 198-257)


Al is the Vice-president of a large urban medical center and has the opportunity to put together a staff meeting. Goleman recognizes that Al has made three mistakes in putting together this meeting. First, Al called a meeting on an already overscheduled management group on too short notice. Many members that were vital to the meeting were not present. Secondly, Al failed to offer a pre-meeting or preparation of any kind. By winging the meeting, Al seemed unorganized making many members angry for wasting their time. Thirdly, Al rebuffed an offer from Sarah, the President, to make the meeting lively and more effective. Sarah and Al seemed to be part of an organizational marriage, except this was work not private life. Al felt that Sarah was overbearing and hypercritical. Sarah felt that Al was passive and inept. Through all opinions, Sarah and Al needed each other. Sarah is accountable for how well Al does, being that she hired. Al needs Sarah for promotions, raises and simply keeping a job. One quote came to my mind by reading this section, "Canít live with them, Canít live without them."

This brings me to the next section which is a continuation of an organizational marriage.


Sarah was upset at Alís meeting performance and now doubted his abilities as an employee. She felt that her reputation was at stake. Al felt insecure about his new job, feeling inferior and incompetent to his new management team. The people that were once his bosses were now his colleagues. Al and Sarah were blaming each other for failure. Al claimed that Sarah was undermining his confidence and Sarah claimed Al lacked confidence and competence. Al and Sarah were keeping each other from facing and recognizing their problems.

I once use to work for a hotel company and tried to give that 110%. I honestly believe that if you give to a company, they will give back to you. Well, this did not happen in my case. One night, after my closing shift, I had a late check-in and decided to wait a half an hour or so to see if the gentleman would show up. However I received an emergency phone call, and had to leave instantly. I tried to call my supervisor twice, but no one answered the phone call. I left her voice mail informing her of the late check-in. The next day I receive a phone call that I am on suspension because I did not follow procedure. Being very upset at her insensitivity, I decided to quit. My supervisor had to work my shift until a replacement came. In the end we both needed each other, and we both lost. She had to work extra hours, and I had no job.