Greg Suguitan's Bookmarks for the Interested

Psychology Stuff
Internet Literacy Exercises for Generational Curriculum Students--G8--University of Hawaii
Leon James Home Page Hawaii Site for Traffic Psychology and the Online Generational Curriculum
Leon James G8 Spring 1998 Instructions for All Reports
Welcome to the Home Page of Greg Suguitan, Psychology 409b, Spring 1998 University of Hawaii
Sites that I Used for My Web Page
Icons and Stuff
Excite Usenet Newsgroups
Clipart Connection
Sites Used for Reports
Psychology of Newgroups
Deja News: on the topic of Driving
Mining the Generational Curriculum
Jeannette Knutson
Jeannette Knutson's Report
459 Generation 5
Traffic Psychology
Dr. Driving
409b Generation 6 Curriculum
Ryan Shintani
Ryan Shintani's Report
Sandra Scarborough
459 Generation 4 Curriculum
Sandra's Report
Sandra's Topic of Speeding
Speed Related Argument Database
Daniel Tanioka's Report
Psychology of Computer Viruses
IBM's virus warning site
Computer Virus Myths
Symantec's Anti-Virus Research Centre
AntiVirus Resources
AVP Virus Encyclopaedia
Computer Virus Research Lab
Computer Viruses and Security
Computer Virus Information and Resources Page
Datafellows (F-Prot) Virus Database Page
General anti-virus/security resource
IBM Antivirus Online Page
Symantec Virus Database Page
Psychology of Virtual Communities
Virtual Communities
Exploring Virtual Communities
Electric Minds
The Well