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Driving Cartoons

Why did I choose this report?

I chose this report because of Jenica's creativity in using other people's self witnessing testimonies about driving and turning them into cartoons.  Look at these: Cartoon 1Cartoon 2Cartoon 3 Cartoon 4 ,  Cartoon 5I enjoyed the cartoons that Jenica drew and instead of explaining the self witnessing testimonies in words, Jenica made it a lot more fun by turning them into a cartoon.  I found myself laughing at the cartoons because I can relate to them personally, and at times, I have had the same attitude as the cartoon.  I really enjoyed looking at the cartoons and not only that, but Jenica explained the cartoons thoroughly and related them to her topics.  This is why I chose her report.

Steps that led me to this report:

I was roaming around and looked at what other students from the other generations did.  I first looked at the first five generations and randomly clicked on their home pages.  Nothing really caught my attention.  Some of them never had pictures and I thought they were very boring.  I like to read reports with pictures or captions.  So, I then decided to look at the home pages of the previous generation, G10.  I randomly clicked on the students home pages and then came to Jayson Nakasone's page.  There I went to see what he did because the other students didn't have eye catching titles that I wanted to read.  He had one title that reads : "Driving What?"  I thought that this title was interesting so I clicked on which led me to the home page of Jenica Guerra.  I clicked on her report entitled Report 2: Driving Cartoons , and as soon as I read her first sentence on her report, I was doomed to read the whole thing.  The word "cartoons" caught my attention and this is what led me to this report.

This whole process took me about a week and a half to do because I had no idea on what to do my generational curriculum on.  I spend about 3 hours everyday in the computer lab going through the other generation's report and I would get frustrated because some of them were too long and boring, plus they never had any pictures in them.  It's either that or their titles never really caught my attention.  The most important thing I learned so far while "mining" the other students generational curriculum is to have a "catchy" title so that other students will be interested in reading the report.

Topic of this report:

 The topic of Jenica's report is about Driving cartoons.  Jenica explains how effective driving cartoons can be.  She says, "They (cartoons) are an effective way of communicating driving skills.  They work by catching people's attention through visual stimuli, not requiring extensive knowledge, making people laugh or smile, and causing the realization of faults many people have."  She also explains how "The awkward, cute, or comic pictures, are what call people's attention to cartoons."  I agree with Jenica because this is part of it that led me to her page and this is what really caught my attention.  I like to read articles with small captions or pictures.  They make reading a little more fun than others.  Jenica also explains that "Cartoons are effective because extensive knowledge is not required to look at it.  All that is needed, is looking at the picture and reading a caption or two if any at all.  Thus, many more people will look at driving cartoons then read extensive papers on driving."  I also agree with her on this because people like me who have a short tolerance on reading long articles prefer at least having some pictures so that I enjoy reading the article.

Other topics that Jenica discusses in her report on how driving cartoons can be effective for children.  She explains, "The way I propose children be taught good driving behaviors, is through being made able to recognize bad and good driving habits through cartoons, which will make them more susceptible to becoming a good driver."  She has really good ideas on using cartoons for purposes like these.  She also encourages a lot of driving cartoons in Driver's Education Manuals by placing them throughout the text.  By doing this, she says that, "They will help create drivers who are conscious of their feelings, thoughts, and actions and who will be able to create changes within themselves."

So instead of taking my word for it that this report is very interesting and fun, why don't you read it yourself.

My reactions:

My reactions on this report is that Jenica's idea about driving cartoons was well thought out.  She used her creativity from other people's self witnessing testimonies and turned them into cartoons which I thought were great, something that I don't think I could have come up with.  Her dedication to her report really shows through her cartoons.  I really enjoyed her report because she made it fun and also interesting by using testimonies and her creativity.  If I were to do the same report I think that mine would have been a little different, just the fact that I would not have come up with drawing cartoons.  I think that her report draws attention to people of all ages and she explains her thoughts and ideas carefully.


I cannot compare this report to any other.  I really enjoyed reading her report.  The pictures and explanations were complete and interesting.  I think the most important part of it all is that her title Driving Cartoons made it eye catching and something that a reader would be curious to read on.

My final thoughts:

Some final thoughts, hmmm well all I can say is that I had fun looking through the works of other students, but I never enjoyed it more than I did with reading Jenica's report Driving Cartoons.  I think that one advice I would give to future generation students who take this course is to use pictures or create "eye catching" titles to lure students to read your report.