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Statement About This Site Professor Leon James provides access to data from that of previous psychology classes held at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. These classes cover the topics of: 1) Traffic Psychology, 2) Cyber-Psychology, and 3) Spiritual Psychology. Each of the fore-mentioned sections are given an over view. Section content is explained briefly. Links to each area are provided through the main page.

Indexes For This Site This page provides 5 methods by which a search can be performed. An index of documents, list of full text articles and books, index of all documents, site search, and exhaustive subject index are provided to enable a thorough search through Professor James' data base.

Student Generational Reports Past and present student reports are provided for access through the various links on this page. Truly a "generational curriculum" is chronicled with data started from students in 1973 through the present time, 1997. Various topics involving traffic and cyber-psychology are available.

Dr. Driving... A statistical representation of various road related incidences examining several contributing factors, of which are as follows: alcohol consumption, gender differences, age relations, etc. Information on the efficacy of safety belts and socio-economic costs are also provided. Provides hard data to help one grasp the enormity of the current state of America's road woes.

Traffic Psychology This page provides a wealth of information with numerous links to various sections under the subject of traffic psychology. Basically, the bulk of the information can be divided into the following two sections: principles of traffic psychology, and information from the Oahu Traffic Safety Council Handout. Another point of interest is the Student Generational Self-Witnessing Reports, which give perspectives from past students upon various driving topics.

Cyber-Psychology This page deals with information pertaining to the electronic medium through which this class is conducted. Topics include hypertext searching, exploration of cyberspace, technophobia, and virtual communities. Various student-class home pages are provided for reference.

Social Psychology Of Home Page Architecture The design of the home page is discussed. A psychological introspective into the importance of the home page as a conduit for the flow of "cyber-traffic" is given. Dr James also examines structural nuances within various home page sites classifying them categorically.

Diane Nahl's Search Index The home page of Dr. Diane Nahl, Assistant Professor at the University Of Hawaii in the School of Library and Information Studies. Information is provided on the her published works. Links to search engines and other useful pages, such as HTML tutorial and UH UNIX home page information, are also provided. Miscellaneous information on fun sites and Hawaii sites are linked.

Address A very brief page detailing some information on Dr. Leon James. An address is provided for those who still use the postal service to send mail, along with references to an e-mail address and home page link.

List Of Publications A current listing of all of the publications by Dr. Leon James. The topics include the following: semantics, cross cultural psychology, social psychology, psycholinguistics, PLATO, research strategies, Swedenborg, and virtual learning communities. An interesting point of note, Dr. Leon James was formerly Dr. Leon Jakobovits.

Swedenborg Home Page Hawaii An homage to Swedenborg by Dr. Leon James. Various excerpts from Swedenborg passages and principles rendered for discussion and contemplation. Interesting sections on "Spiritual Marriage and Growth" and "Spiritual Psychology and Science". A helpful index of Swedenborg glossary terms are provide for quick references. Other points of interest include: a biographical account of the life of Emanuel Swedenborg and links to other Swedenborgian pages.

Tour Guides There are three links to three tours that cover a variety of topics all done by individuals of G3. The tours are comprised of the following headings: Introduction for Newbies, Topics in the Daily Round Archives, and Nutrition and Exercise Papers.

Spiritual Psychology A three part article on the subject of spiritual psychology is provided. Many references to the principles of the scientist Emanuel Swedenborg is given throughout. An interesting topic is Swedenborg's belief of perceiving the dual nature of things; being aware of things in both the natural and spiritual world. There is also a link to an article on the topic of Spiritual Psychobiology by Dr. Leon James.

Daily Round Archives (DRA) Initially, a collection of student reports bound in volumes prior to the start of the generational curriculum. Starting in 1992, the data of these previous students were scanned and reprepared for the web environment by another group of students. See how things have grown.

Full Text Articles and Books A reference list for the works of Professor Leon James is provided with links for more specific information. Very convenient for finding an abundance of information concerning several topics which include Spiritual Psychology, Social Psychology, and Traffic Psychology. An interesting article is on the use of PLATO in psychology classes.

University Of Hawaii A overview of the University Of Hawaii system is given. Various links are provided in creating a comprehensive page with which to learn more about the University and the various services provided. Highlights include links to the ITS help desk, UHCARL system, and a UHINFO search. There is also a link to the Hawaii Home Page for references to Hawaii based pages in the World Wide Web. Access to current Hawaii statewide weather conditions are provided. Check out the UH Site of the Day.

Search A page that will function as a search engine for web pages within the University of Hawaii College of Social Sciences database. There are a total of 10 web course sites available for searching in. Searches can be modified further in seeking out specific file components ; such as complete files, body sections, or by title. The number of incoming search data can also be enabled to provide a range of articles deemed appropriate.

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