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Chris Murakami G6 - Traffic Psychology 459

Below is a list of subjects covered on this site:

REPORT 1: Being a Driving Buddy - What It's Like
  • Societal Costs of Traffic Crashes
  • Aggressive Drivers
  • Driving Buddy
  • Driving Personality Makeover
  • Subject History - Mr. Larry Bruno
  • Procedure
  • Session I
    The Rolling Stop
    The Four-Way Stop
    The Merge
    The Rubber-Neckers
  • Session II
    Passive-Aggressive Drivers
    Automatic Driving Self
    Behavior Modification

    REPORT 2: Definitions of Traffic Psychology - How I Stack Up
  • What is Traffic Psychology?
  • Three Domains of Driving Behavior
  • Definitions of Traffic Psychology
    Lori Kim
    Raenee Tamashiro
    Jae Isa
    Phuong Wataoka
    Cherilyn Okazaki
  • Why Traffic Psychology is Needed - Experiences as a Road User
    Moped Riders
    Motor Vehicle Operators

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