Test Questionnaire

By Cara Lucey
Tests Your Tendency to Road Rage
Instruction : Answer Yes or No for each question.
  • I swear a lot more in traffic than I do elsewhere.
  • I regularly have critical thoughts about other drivers.
  • There are few things that make me madder than a driver in a parking lot who tries to steal the stall I've been waiting for.
  • I fantasize about using guns or blowing up cars who get in my way. It's just a
  • harmless way of venting, letting off steam.
  • I'm ordinarily not a hostile person, but when drivers do something really stupid, I
  • blow my stack, and rightly so.
  • It's good to get your anger out because there are violent feelings inside all of us that naturally come out under stressful situation.
  • When I'm upset for some reason, it's such a relief to stomp on the gas pedal.
  • I'm proud of being a road warrior, making my own rules on the highway.
  • In crosswalks, pedestrians shouldn't have the right to walk slowly when cars are waiting.
  • Pushy drivers make me nervous so I bad mouth them to make myself feel better.
  • I tailgate whenever someone drives too slow.
  • I try to get to my destination in the shortest time possible or else it doesn't feel right.
  • If I stopped driving aggressively others would take advantage of my passivity.
  • I feel a sense of loss when someone beats me to the traffic light.
  • I feel gratified by the sense of power and competition I experience while driving.
  • I become more hostile when I drive through certain sections.
  • Once in a while I get so frustrated in traffic that I begin to drive somewhat recklessly.
  • Some drivers make me feel that I'm expected to break the speed limit, so I do.
  • Sometimes I feel that I'm holding up traffic so I start driving faster than I feel comfortable.
  • I would feel embarrassed to get stuck behind a large vehicle on a steep road.
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