Generational Curriculum

Kristy Kato Student generation reports

Site Information displays an introduction of the three generational home pages of Traffic Psychology, Cyber-Psychology and Spiritual Psychology. I find this page very effective as it gives a brief yet informative description of each generational database. From the description, I can quickly tell what each generations reports are about.

Indexes displays the indexes of documents, articles and books written by Leon James. Some of the subjects that I find interesting are "Personality of Pets", "Spiritual Psychology: What is it?" and "Dog Assisted Therapy". Some of the driving subjects which may be useful for my report are "Speeding: Is it moral?" and "Daemon Driver". The set-up of this site is very clear and organized as all of the subjects are listed in alphabetical order in subgroups.

Address is a site which displays the address and e-mail address of Dr. Leon James. Dr. James also requests for reaction and comments from others. This site is very eye-catching with a bright blue background and colorful icons.

In the site entitled Student Generational Reports a brief description of the generational curriculum reports for Traffic Psychology, Cyber- Psychology and Daily Rounds Archives. This site is very effective as one can click on a particular generational curriculum topic which will lead to the various reports of the students of Dr. James.

Swedenborg Home Page Hawaii Is a site which displays various indexes on Emanuel Swedenborg. Some of the topics discussed are about marriage and growth and spiritual psychology. This site is also very eye-catching as there is a picture of Emanuel Swedenborg on the cover.

Dr. Driving gives some very interesting and informative statistics on motor vehicle accidents, crashes and fatalities. This site also contains other topics about Dr. Driving and driving in particular that one can link to. This site is useful, because it can link an individual to different topics on driving.

Tour Guides takes an individual to 3 articles written by previous generations. In Tour 1, a report written by Calvin Cheung is entitled "Introduction for Newbies". In Tour 2, also written by Calvin Cheung, is a report entitled "Topics in the Daily Round Archives". In Tour 3, Darin Kawamoto wrote a report called "Nutrition & Exercise Papers". This site is effective in that it takes one directly to these 3 reports of these particular students.

Traffic Psychology contains a table of contents on the various traffic psychology subjects. It also gives an overview, benefits, procedures and hypotheses on traffic psychology. This site is very informative as it gives a complete and thorough description on traffic psychology.

Cyber-Psychology contains a table of context and an index on the various topics on cyber-psychology. This site is also very informative and thorough as it gives a description and overview on hypertext, cyberspace and virtual reality.

Spiritual Psychology contains a table of contents on the various spiritual psychology topics. This site also contains information on Swedenborg as to his background, thought, beliefs and accomplishments. This is an interesting site for it relates psychology to a spiritual phenomenon, which is a new concept for me.

Daily Round Archives contains a description of what Daily Round Archives is all about. It also allows an individual to link to the home pages of the members and also to online articles relating to this topic. This site is very well organized with headings that clearly indicate what that portion of the site is all about.

Social Psychology of Home Page Architecture contains the personal experiences of Dr. Leon James concerning the creation of home pages. I find this site informative as it is interesting to find out how Dr. James views his life relating to cyberspace. This site also contains a chart on the taxonomy of home pages and links.

Full Text Articles and Books contains all of the articles and books written by Dr. James. I am very impressed by the quantity of the material he has written. I am especially interested in reading "Society's Witnesses" and "Resistance to Improving One's Health Behaviors".

Diane Nahl's Search Index contains various indexes to her background, her students' papers and several tutorials. It is interesting how she puts the quote "From now on we are all lifelong novices". I guess that means that no one will be able to fully master the technology of the computer.

University of Hawaii has a beautiful home page that gives the viewers the basic information on the services and activities the school has to offer. This is a very useful site, especially for prospective students who are looking into the various universities to attend.

Searchis a site that allows the viewer to enter keywords in order to locate the various sites containing this particular topic. This is also a very useful site for it makes searching for topics much more easier.

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