My Humble Advice to Future 499 Students!!

What It's All About: Psychology 499

If you are reading this, I assume you're interested in signing up for this course. So continue reading. Psychology 499 is a directed-research course designed to fulfill several areas of growth for psychology students. First of all, one is expected to continue being an active player in the ever-growing Generational Curriculum. Yes, you will continue to build upon the foundation set by Dr. James and, with his guidance, your participation will forever be a part of this historical record. By making students' works accessible on the net, people 100 years from now will read and appreciate the fine work you all have done.

If you should decide to become a 499er remember to begin scanning your work as soon as possible because it is time consuming and you may have to sign-up to reserve time. Try Porteus 342 because the scanner is usually free most of the time. It is indeed has the most comfortable atmosphere, though the chairs are hard. Remember to click multiple pages in OmniPage so you can scan more than one page at a time(important). Then, you will need more time to edit what you have scanned because the words may not transfer cleanly. You will need to design your own web page which should be of no problem if you've already have taken another of Dr. James' classes. You can put up your page utilizing Netscape 3.0 Gold(publish) or Notepad.

Well, I hope I was helpful to you and I wish you the best of luck in the future.

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