I would like to acknowledge the participation in this work of the following colleagues: Charles E. Osgood who helped in the selection of the pictographs and whose earlier work on "visual-verbal synesthesia" (Osgood, 1960) provided the intellectual and methodological rationale for the present research; William H. May, who in addition to helping with the selection of pictographs, prepared the field instructions and was in charge of the computer analyses that are reported; R.G. Agrawal Or New Delhi, India, Pertti Ounap of Helsinki, Finland, Suitbert Ertel of Munster, West Germany, and Yasumasa Tanaka, of Tokyo, Japan, who were in charge of data collection in their respective locations. The work reported in this paper is part of a larger project entitled "Studies in Comparative Psycholinguistics" supported by NSF grant no. NSF GS 2012X and NIH grant no. MH 07705 awarded to C.E. Osgood and L.A. James.

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