PSYCH 250 Social Psychology Dr.Leon James Spring 1985 Paper due:††††

5-9-85 LENGTH: 5 to 10 pages, typed, double spaced. Choose one of the topics given below.

TOPIC 1:†††††††† DRIVING AND SPEED LIMITS (What are arguments for keeping the speed limit from the perspective of HIGHWAY ENGINEERING? How are speed limits decided upon? Is it safe to choose your own speed limit? What are the factors you may not be thinking of? Do a lot of people break the speed limit? Are people for greater enforcement? How do people react to driving at 55 max? Why are cars built so that they can go so fast? Do higher speed limits increase pollution? What is the difference between the two lanes in a two-lane highway? Are highway safety groups for lowering the speed limits? Is speed a significant factor in both highway and city driving? Why do people break speed limits?)

TOPIC 2:†††††††† DRUNK DRIVING (Should drinking age be raised for less accidents? What are the arguments for and against? What errors are committed by drivers, both regular and drunk? Who are the people who commit the worst errors and why? Are there good and bad drivers? What programs and campaigns have been tried to reduce accidents, both drunk driving and other? Is the situation also bad in other countries? How do judges deal with convicted drunk drivers? Who is a drunk driver? Why are people opposed to safety measures and. devices such as seat belts, air bags? What grass roots push is there for greater auto safety? How do accidents affect peopleís lives and careers?)

TOPIC 3:†††††††† AUTOMOBILE & DRIVING SYMBOLISM (What is the image Americans have of the automobile? What do car sales depend on? What is considered "riding in style"? What is the role played by auto clubs? What do people use cars for? What is the image of the Service station and has it changed? Why do people buy imported cars? How do advertisers build an image for a new car? Do people keep their car clean? How much do people spend on cars relative to other things? Why do people get so upset on the road and what upsets them? How do people feel when they drive a car? Whatís the relation between cars and personality? How are peopleís lives affected by automobiles and accidents? What are car rental commercials like? What about cars and artistic imagery, cars and motion pictures, cars and culture?)

You must have 9 references in all, 3 references for 3 of the following types of sources:


(6)††††††† a GOVERNMENT DOCUMENT (7) an AUDIOVISUAL SOURCE (Sinclair video, cassette, film, etc.)

APPENDIX:†††† This is required: (1) a Table showing your LOG-IN and LOG OUT record (date, starting time, ending time). (2) a Table showing in two columns "OBSTACLES" youíve encountered in your searches and "SOLUTIONS" youíve found. For example: "book wasnít on the self" --- "chose another book"; or: "couldnít figure out how to read PSYCHOLOGICAL ABSTRACTS" --- "looked in front for explanations or instructions or: didnít find a book in the ComCat on highway engineering" --- "tried instead under highway safety speed (Itís better to explain in detail than to be too general in this.)