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March 22, 1978


TO:ΚΚΚΚΚΚΚΚΚΚ Dr. Richard Day, Chairman, ESL Department


FROM:ΚΚΚΚΚ Dr . Leon James, Professor, Psychology Department


RE:ΚΚΚΚΚΚΚΚΚΚ Social Psychology (for ESL students)

Psy 662, Fall 1978, Prof. James

3:3O-6:OO pm on Wednesday



I would appreciate your bringing this seminar to the attention of ESL students and faculty. It will involves:


-ΚΚ dealing with the Social Psychology of community cultural practices as a component of social and communicative competence


-ΚΚ a data oriented approach to language teaching


-ΚΚ teaching cultural units (vs. parts of a language)


-ΚΚ investigating the structure of talk and applying it to language teaching both in language teaching methodology as well as the development of teaching materials


-ΚΚ transactional engineering in the classroom, or the way the teacher controls the frame of the practicing and performances of the language student


-ΚΚ class paper suitable for extending some project the student is already doing or planning now project to be worked out with the instructor


-ΚΚ informal seminar style adapted especially for ESL students


-      adjusted to an interdisciplinary climate