by Diane Nahl




                    FDR 5/29/78

11:00 AM

Juice of 2 grapefruits

What is easy to eat-citrus

Decided not to add VC as it changes the taste

Doesn‚t have much taste (grapefruit) anyway




What else can I eat that is substantial,

don‚t want oatmeal

Looking at bread recipes

Again realizing my appetite is low, making

eating into a problem

Feel nervous vibrations and attribute it to

lack of food and Obsession with not eating




Put off eating awhile longer




(I am crying)




Hunger pangs




Vitamins and 2 pieces of toast with mushrooms, cheese, basil, butter




Picking carrots, decided to have carrot juice 1 1/2 C Carrot/celery juice




Carrots taste watery, what is the nutrition value





(I had yeast this afternoon sometime)




Rice, mushrooms, cheese, onions, green pepper




Small cookies (10) chocolate, nuts, sugar, white flour

FDR 5/30/78



Get up




Heat rice.

Rice is substantial, will last for several hours while at work




Hungry feeling begins after stretching exercises




Eating rice with butter and pepper

Took out grapefruit for citrus




Grapefruit juice. Vitamins and water




Eating at EWC $1.49

Spinach/cheese/bean casserole

Brown rice (2 scoops)


Mixed frozen vegetables


Tastes not bad, but characteristic of EWC food, a conglomerated taste - not like spinach Decided to take vitamins with water so not to change taste of juice by adding UC. Decided to eat at EWC when thinking where to eat (since there‚s nothing in office refrig.) While walking to car parked in front of EWC. Thinking again I‚d like to avoid EWC food but all campus food is the same. I could eat a salad - haven‚t had greens for 2-3 days. Feeling very hungry, mouth water. Remember early days in college when I was always starving and ate anything, practically. A sort of desperate feeling.




After getting food, getting water, passing condiments, seeing nothing I want to add re–membering the first times I was in the position to eat anything I wanted in any combination (not allowed at home, growing up.) Thinking about the effects of restricting eating to time and quantity and selection, availability.




Decide to eat squash at home later

FDR 5/31/78



Tasting the salt they add. Not used to so much salt since I don‚t add it anymore (1 year or so) - my belief that salt is not good for one, especially as a regular addition. Food tastes different and good without it. Seeing another person eating the „vegetarian dinnerš wondering whether he is a non-meat eater.




What kind of interviewing about food would give good data indicating what should be served on campus?




Eating fast thinking I should slow down, chew more, feel speeded up, reading my list of things to do today and thinking of which to do first and what is expendable. Decided again to slow down while eating.




The food may be nutritious (who knows) but it is not appealing or satisfying. Did not eat roll or vegetables.




I‚m not hungry yet.




Driving home felt hungry decided to make a Smoothie, 2 oranges, 1 apple, 2 small bananas, walnuts.




Cutting up squash for the steamer. Possibilities to go with it: grated apple, cheddar cheese, the left over fried onions and mushrooms. After further consideration for 10 minutes I end up grating cheddar and parmesan which melted over the squash, and cracked pepper and butter. I remember that taste from California where I had squash several times a week, sometimes with cheese, bacon, onions, and butter. Thought toast would be good with what sticks to the dish, made 2. Looks pretty green and yellow. Watched toast cook in toaster oven, familiar sweet odor. Again re-affirming my liking bread, an easy thing to eat. Make sure to leave some squash to eat with the toast. Had to let the toast cool off a little to hot and tasteless when too hot. Left one slice in the warm toaster and let the other cool. Finished the squash with it them are the other piece with the melted cheese and butter.


Got first hunger feeling




Ate graham crackers with cheese and butter vitamins. Checked box to see whether the graham crackers have honey or sugar. They‚re made with both. B vitamins are listed in the ingredients. Seeing that made me feel they are somehow more nutritious, or at least nutritious. Satisfies my craving for some–thing crunchy and crisp and my craving for sweets.