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Love and Long Distance Relationships
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Table of Contents:
Why do People React in Newsgroups?
What is the Benefit of Participating?
What do you Notice On How People React?
Final Thoughts


I have searched and searched for newsgroups and finally found one that I was comfortable with.  I used the search engine to help me find this place:  I looked thoroughly through this page.  I looked in all the forums and then finally decided to enter the  Society & Culture .  In this link, I wanted to participate in a newsgroup that I could relate to.  Since I am currently in a long distance relationship, I went to find a newsgroup that had discussions about long distance relationship.  Their search engine came up with a few and I randomly selected four of them to participate in. While I was at it, I also wanted to know what people thought about the four letter word L-O-V-E.  This is the beginning of my newsgroup journey.

Why do People React in Newsgroups?

I think that people react in newsgroups because they all share something in common.  In the newsgroups, people can voice their opinions or share ideas.  Some of them consider their newsgroup a  family.  There are a few people that I have met that needed some advice on their relationship, and I really thought that that was interesting.  I reacted on some of their messages because I could understand how the person felt in that situation.  For example:

Re: Hello? I am new.
Date: 1999/03/03
Hello....  umm.  I am new and I guess I just wanted to meet others like me going through a long distance relationship.  Sometimes it feels like I am the only one in the world who is so completely in love.. but still eating
alone.  Soo a friend suggested a group like this one..
Well...  my name is Crysta.  I go by Scarlette or BareFairy online.. I am 26 years old.. a single mother of 2 young boys.   I live in California..   Of all things in the world ..  I own a Singles Club..  a group of other people who are living alone.. and worse..  I am a tavel agent .. with no money to go see my Love..
The Love of my life.. the one I have searched for all my life,  I found in Alabama... A college student and fantastic mind.   We met online.. in a roleplaying chat room.  Chemistry.. something I never understood till we met..

We have our schedules worked out and we have found ways to make it work. But it is sooo hard sometimes..  so that is why I came here...
I have some suggestions..  if I may..

My Azreal and I have to be able to hear each other often.   So I have Unlimited Long distance on weekends through Sprint..    And He and I both have free long distance during the week through   o our
phone bills are not that bad and we are on the phone ALOT!

Well that is it..  I hope I can meet others...

I'm in almost the same situation as you, but even worse.  I'm here in Hawaii and he's all the way in North Carolina.  We've managed to see one another for at least 4 times a year.  It's been going great for the both of us.  The thing I like the best most out of our LD relationship is that we never take each other for granted.  I'll be graduating from college in August and we plan to live together.  So I guess it's worth the wait for the both of us.  We communicate a lot and trust each other a lot and I think that's why our relationship has been working out.  Well, I hope things work out for you and if you need someone to talk to just holler!!!!



What is the Benefit of Participating?

The benefit of participating is seeing how there are a lot of people in the same situation as you and that you are not alone.  The people in the newsgroup share their ideas with you in hopes that they have helped you in anyway they could.  Here are some examples of what I did when I participated in my news group.  First of all, I wanted to get my newsgroup's opinion on  What is love? . Here is their reply:  reply #1  Re: What is love? ,  reply #2  Re: What is love? , and reply #3  Re: What is love? .  I thought that all three responses were very interesting.  I think that everyone had their own opinions about love and reply #1 was very funny.  It was interesting to see what people thought about love.  Another question that I posted was How do you know you if you're in love? Here are some replies:

 Re: How do you know if you're in love?
 Re: How do you know if you're in love?


Another newsgroup that I participated in was the  Because I am presently involved in a long distance relationship, I wondered what my newsgroup thought about this question that I posted:  Do you think LD relationships are better than f2f relationships? There were three replies to my question 2 of which were from the same person.  I think that as you read the replies you will see how very opinionated people are and how differently people think.  I found that this question really had an impact on one person.  Read on!  Reply #1 Re: Do you think LD relationships are better than f2f relationships? , reply #2   Re: Do you think LD relationships are better than f2f relationships? , and reply #3   Re: Do you think that LD relationships are better than f2f relationships? As I thought about the replies that I got from my question, I started to laugh because if these two people had met in person, I think it would have gotten into a very nasty argument.  I am still waiting if anyone else will reply to my question.

I can understand where  both parties are coming from.  Long distance relationship is a very sensitive topic for some and I respect that.  I think that people have different opinions because of personal experience and that is why there was a big debate on my topic.  I will keep you posted if anyone else posted a reply to my question.


What do you Notice On How People React?

Through my postings of questions, I have have noticed that people react differently.  Some may agree with your thoughts or some may disagree.  When I read some of the replies to my posting, I could almost feel the tension and anger that one of the person had against the other.  I notice that people reflect their opinions based on their personal experiences, their ideas, and thoughts.


Final Thoughts:

My experience with newsgroups was a learning experience.  I learned that there are many people out there who all share something in common and that you are not the only one.  I also learned that people are very opinionated and that they base their opinions on personal experience, ideas, or thoughts.  I believe that newsgroups are a very convenient way to voice opinions on topics, instead of going to a meeting and voicing your opinion there.  I had a fun learning experience with my newsgroup because not only have they gave me insight on L-O-V-E, but I also had insight on the positives and negatives on Long Distance Relationships.