Topical Index

Introduction Space and Time Altitude of the Sun
The Big Bang? Raise Above the Natural Inmost Not Most High
Explain Function Similar But Different Angel Is A Person
Human Life Heat And Light Levels In Heaven
Exists or Not Survival God Gives Us What We Own
Connection Between The Worlds Love and Wisdom Are The Same The Spiritual World Of Spirits

Degrees Of Ascending

Receiving Light and Heat



Human Behaviors and Human Spirits:
Quest for the Good and Truth
Function Without Structure Rationalism. Topic: Do We Have Free Will or Not?
Birth of Psychology Third Force Psychology What Is Rationalism
Love In Psychology No Function Without Structure Ontological Proof
Time To Love and Time To Die Hergenhahn's View A Paradox?
Human Aggression True Dualism Virtual Free Will
Conclusion Wishful Thinking vs. Reality Truth and Love Demand Free Will
Bibliography   Spinoza's Conclusion
    My Conclusions
Heaven Is A Place On Earth State of Confusion Relationship Toward Social Cognitions
Kerri's Standard Of Conduct Science or Religion? (Choose One) Relationship Toward Altruism
Feelings Toward My Religious Life Science: Behind the Curtain Relationship Toward Mental Health
Actions Taken Because of My Belief Influence of My Peers Comments on Assignment