Heaven Is A Place On Earth
A Religious Self-Examination Experiment

By Kerri Kahapea
Social Psychology 250
Dr. James
August 12, 1988


I believe that everyone is made for a designated purpose. My personal goal is to create a happiness within myself and with others. I feel that everything should be done for the benefit of something. One should care about the well being of themselves and be responsible for their actions. I think this is especially important because of all the interpersonal relationships we have during our lifetime. What you make of your life on earth will ultimately decide your life after death. I feel that it is therefore important to have a good caring attitude toward yourself in the world in which you live.


I have many standards of conduct to which I live my life by. The way I was brought up as a child gives me most of my social behaviors. My parents rewarded me for all of my good behaviors. One thing that they never did was hit me. They thought it was wrong and therefore I never got into any fights. I feel that it doesn't solve anything. I also try not to hold any prejudices against anyone. I like to give everyone an equal chance. I also feel that it is good to believe in yourself. It gives you a much more positive attitude towards yourself and life. Personally, when I feel good about myself I present a very positive attitude and it gives me a much better outlook on life. I can approach people with a smile and create a warm and pleasant atmosphere. I believe that everybody should be happy. I have heard people say that I smile a lot. Although I do get embarrassed I feel that it is a good thing to do. Offering help when needed is another good practice. I agree with the ten commandments that are written in the Bible. I try to follow them as best as I can. I know that I can never be a perfect individual but I do think that I am a good person. I do things that make me feel good about myself and I reflect this in my life. I try to share my happiness with others.

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