DRA ARCHIVES Summer 1978                                                                                           By Leon James (c)1978
Department of Psychology
University of Hawaii, UHM

                        Table of Contents of Overall "CCP" Series

               Series I: PERSONAL VARIATION
                        Series III: STANDARDIZATION PATTERNS
                        Series IV: METHODOLOGY
                      Series V: INTERPRETATION
                        Series VI: TEACHING

Series I, Vol. 1 - Cumulative Record of the Daily Schedule
Chapter 1: Ethnopractice: Microdescriptions of the Daily Round as Laboratory
Chapter 2: Textbook Social Psychology: Objectifying the Experimental
Literature on Subjects
Chapter 3: Radicalist Social Psychology: The Secret Code

Series I, Vol. 2: The Categories of Autobiography
Chapter Objective Autobiography: Sudden Memory as the Integrating
Mechanism on the Daily Round
Chapter Historical Autobiography: On the Reconstruction of Biographical

Series I, Vol. 3: Experiments in Neurose-mantics

Series I, Vol. 4: DRA Selections

Series II, Vol. 1: The Cross-cultural Study of Community Information
Chapter 1: The Social Psychology of Language Teaching
Chapter 2: Language Teaching vs. Teaching Talk
Chapter 3: Transactional Engineering for the Language Teacher
Chapter 4: The Third Force in Language Teaching

Series II, Vol. 2.: Gordon, B. Y., Educational Linguistics and Cognitive Development

Series III , Vol. 1: The Functional Analysis of the Verbal Community
Chapter 1: Notes on Community Psycholinguistics
Chapter 2: The Structure and Function of Transactional Idioms
Chapter 3: The Empirical Investigation of Conversation
Chapter 4: The Act of Composition: Preliminaries to the Study of Style
Chapter 5: Discourse Thinking

Series III, Vol. 2: Diane Nichols Nahl: Student, 1975-

Part A:
Part B:
Part C: Cumulative Professional Record

III, Vol. 3: Christine Winskowski: Student, 1972-78
Part A: A Study of the Development of Topical Behavior Within an Experimental Relationship Frame (Ph.D. Dissertation August 1978)
Part B: Transcript Data
                              Part C: Cumulative Professional Record

Series IV, Vol. 1: Principles of Ethnosemantics
  Chapter 1: Introductory Notes on Ethnosemantics
  Chapter 2: Notes on ESNOSYS: Ethnosemantic Notation System
  Chapter 3: Notes on Display Repertoire
  Chapter 4: Notes on ES-PROBE Technique
  Chapter 5: Notes on Topic Focus
  Chapter 6: The Color Coding System for the Investigation of Hexagrammatic Morphology

Series V, Vol. 1: Philosophical Foundations of Radicalism
  Chapter 1: Notes on the Psychology of Knowledge
  Chapter 2: Empirical Metaphysics
  Chapter 3: Radicalism in Psychology
  Chapter 4: Notes on the Language and Register Of Psychotherapy
  Chapter 5: The Ritual Frame of Hypnosis

Series VI, Vol. 1: Principles of Performative Teaching
  Chapter 1: (In preparation)

Series VI, Vol. 2: Jakobovits Reprints: 1958-78

Series VI, Vol.3: Workbook for the Study of Social Psychology

Series VI. Vol. 4: Workbook for the Study of Social Psychology, 2nd Edition

Series VI, Vol. 5: Society's Witnesses and Community Managers: Experiencing Formative Issues in Social Psychology

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