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Welcome to my Psychology 499 Homepage! What is Psychology 499 all about? It is described in the UH Manoa Catalog as a Directed Reading or Research. It is not a classroom type of course. However, Psy 499 students meet with Dr. James every two weeks during his office hours and discuss how we are doing on our work. So you may be wondering what do you do in Psy 499? Well, as for me, I am assigned to scan in Dr. James' previous Psychology classes topic papers with an image scanner. An image scanner is defined in McGraw-Hill 's book, "Computing Essentials," as , "automatically converting images or text to electronic signals that can be stored in a computer. The process identifies pictures or different typefaces by scanning each image with light and breaking it into light and dark dots. The dots are then converted into digital code for storage." After scanning the page you need to open it up in a word processor to spell check and make some adjustments because the scanner is unable to read some characters, especially if the text was typed in a n old typewriter setting. Next, you have to add the html codes to the document, so that it can be uploaded and read by others on the Internet.

Altruistic Book-Handling Behavior

The following links will lead you to previous students from Dr. James' Psychology 222, Social Psychology in 1983. These students were assigned the topic of "Altruistic Book-Handling Behavior." These students viewed a book conservation slide tape program at the Hamilton Library. This slide program provided the students with proper care and handling of library books. After viewing the slide program, each student wrote a paper based on their own book handling behaviors. For the complete class assignment Click here.

"Altruism and the Library Parable" by Steve Duncan

"Internalizing a Librarian's Altruistic Value..." by Todd Hirano

"Attributions and Attitude Change When Consulting a Reference Librarian by Steven Mendes

"Internalizing a Librarian's Altruistic Value by Lili Young

"The Value of Altruism It Can Be Returned" by Belinda Hee

"Internalizing a Librarian's Altruistic Value..." by Steven Mendes

"A Self-Witnessing Report on Book Conservation" by Sulema Shelton

"A Self-Witnessing Report On Book Conservation" by Jeffrey Tong

"Internalizing A Librarian's Altruistic Value..." by Derrick Yamane

A Dinner Conversation in Manoa

"A Dinner Conversation in Manoa," was conducted by an unknown student of Dr. James' Psychology class. This person recorded 30 minutes of a conversation between a writer and three friends. Next the student did an analysis of the conversation. He or she broke down the conversation into topics. Then he or she discussed the topics. And lastly, he or she analyzed the arguments that arose during the conversation.

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