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!@&*r#%^w$%!!! - the comment that appears when my pc has not received all of the signal sent, or for some other unspecified reason. Also used in response to such a problem.

ASCII - (as-key) a file format and label used to signify that a file contains only alphanumeric symbols (nos. & letters) and no graphics.

Binary - a file format and label used used to signify that a file contains just graphics, or graphics and text.

BITNET - an international educational network.

Compufart - the sound my computer makes when I have imput a command incorrectly.

Cyberspace - the environment in which all of what you do on the internet occurs, not a physical entity, but rather an abstract construct. See Diane Beauchemin's definition.

Cursor Keys - these are special keys on the keyboard which when pressed in conjuction with other keys control the actions and placement of the cursor on the computer screen.

DIR - this stands for "directory", which is the location name in which files are stored. This is also the command which in DOS, UNIX, and on the CSS server which will give you a listing of what directory you are in, and what files are in the directory.

Downloading - The process of transfering files from another computer or system to yours.

e-mail - Electronic mail - a system which a computer user can use to exchange messages with other computer users via a communications network. See Nicole Gustie's definition.

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FAQ's - Frequently asked questions, regarding computers, computer programs, and computer communications. See Kendall Matsuyoshi's definition.

Finger - Displays the status of other computers and the users currently on line. See Beverly Diaz's definition.

FTP - File-transfer-protocol: a way in which to transfer files from one computer or host to another. The coding by which files are transferred are standardized.

FTP-anonymous - used to download public files from the Internet. Log in as "anonymous" and use your e-mail address as the password (or guest if the system tells you too).

gateway - a computer that connects two or more networks and routes data. See Barry Kwock's definition.

.gif - stands for graphics interchange format. Type of format which can be read by most computers, therefore, files containing graphics, icons and so forth in the ".gif" format can be downloaded to your files for use.

Gopher - an information service that provides hierarchical retrieval and collections of information.

Gopherspace - where you are when you're in GOPHER, i.e. the place from which you can access all the data and areas of interest which GOPHER can provide.

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Internet - not a program to access the net, but rather, the cyberspace in which interconnected computers and systems can communicate. See Dellia Badua's definition.

Inter-Network Mail Guide - guide which provides you with access and instructions for e-mailing to networks which don't conform with the protocols used by the Internet. Very handy for talking to someone on Compuserve or America Online.

Kilobyte - 1,024 bytes or bits of data, which is equal to about a half page of text.

Megabyte - 1 million bytes or bits of data, or 1,024 kilobytes.

net.citizen - what I now am, i.e. an inhabitant in/of cyberspace.

netiquette - refers to proper behavior on the net (a pun on etiquette). See Beverly Diaz's definition.

Pathname - The full exact name of a file or directory, without a full, and correct pathname it would be impossible to travel around on the computer, the Internet, access, or retrieve files.

rlogin - command used to login to a remote computer.

Telnet - Command and program used to to connect to remote terminals and computers. See Kendall Matsu's definition.

USENET - the mother of all bulletinboard systems. Contains numerous newsgroups which address specific topics of interest.

WAIS - Wide Area Information Service - an Internet full text searching engine. Will find you information based on word string entries by searching the entire text of documents, rather than just their titles.

The Worldwide Web - Like Gopher and WAIS the World Wide Web is an Internet retrieval system which presents data in HTML format. Computers and networks which can access the system, are able to access numerous amounts of databases, documents, and files. See Jo Allen's definition, or Jai Isa's definition.

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