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1. set term= this is a command to be done at the unix prompt. I found that by using this command and setting it to 'vt100', I was able to go into CSS.

2. IMHO= This means "in my humble opinion." It sure took me a while to figure this one out !

3. BTW= This means "by the way."

4. FAQ= This is everywhere ! It means "frequently asked questions." It is usually there whenever you go some place new. (Though it never answers the question where the @#$&*%!#* am I) See also Jill's definition. BTW (see above), SHAME ON YOU, Jill ! It took me a while to understand what you wrote . . . . you know, kids could be reading this stuff ! (HA, HA, HA !)

5. E - Mail= A way of sending messages through the computer to another person. Like all other mail it needs an adress.

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6. Home Page= The screen before you enter a file. If you look at mine, it needs some work. Also see Standard, indexical, and creative home page definitions.

7. Lynx= a server that uses a menu to link you to a variety of other menus. The links are connected by the topic that is selected.

8. gopher= Like the world wide web, it uses menus to find documents. It is a very large server.

9. www= This means the world wide web. It is information that can be gotten anywhere in the world.

10. chmod 755 *= Use this command to let others see your work. It "opens" your file so that others can see it.

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11. Kermit= Used to upload or download files from other servers. I have not used it yet.

12. Webcrawler= A powerful tool used to explore home pages around the world wide web. It can be used by subject, name, or title.

13. Dumb Terminal= What I call the computer whenever I get frustrated, especially when the COMPUTER is wrong ! (BTW, I seem to never be wrong when something goes wrong on the computer. Does anyone else have this problem ?) Also see Barry's definition of what a dumb terminal really is.

14. talk= happened to me today, some one called, and I did not know how to answer. I should have read Joleen Lai's glossary to know what to do.

15. usenet= Newsgroups on the internet.

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16. TCP/IP= A protocol that enables computers to communicate. This was vital to the emergence of the internet.

Other Cool Definitions

17. Compufarts= By Carol Alamares, the sound a the computer makes when you input a command incorrectly.

18. Emoticons= By Beverly Diaz, symbols that convey emotions through the computer. AKA "smileys". For example, =), but I rather like: >:) he,he,he !

19. ARGH= Stands for Another Redundant Glossary Handout, or how about "Another Restless Groan for Help". I got this from Jill's glossary, and messed up the definition. (I just wanted to add more definitions in my glossary !)

20. Infoshock= A powerful emotion that surges through your body as you use anything new in this age of technology. It has been known to cause stress, disappointment, frustration, anger, and fear. If you are not scared yet, then you are weird.

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21. Kuhlthau= The author of a book we had to read in class. It is a very useful cure for insomnia. It is also useful to understand librarians. See my labreport.

22. Standard Home Page= A type of home page, see above, that has links in a categorical order with a brief description of the destination. Wanna see mine ? Click here.

23. Indexical Home Page= A type of Home page, see above, that arranges links as a directory or index. It differs from the "standard home page" in that it does not use brief descriptions. Wanna see mine ? Click here.

24. Netscape= A internet tool used to see graphics on the computer. It has color and makes navigating much more interesting.

25. Finger= Used with "talk". It is used to call someone and have a "conversation". The person who is receiving must "pick up" by typing "talk". I've been dying to "give someone the finger !" HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

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26. FTP= This stands for "File Transfer Protocol". I am not really sure how it works yet. At least I can add it to my definitions list !

27. CLIC= Stands for Computerized Learning and Information Center. It is a location on the University of Hawaii campus where students can use computers. I do most of my home work here.

28. Internet= This is a vast system of computers that can be accessed by other computers. It spans world wide, and involves thousands (perhaps over a million by now) different computer terminals.

29. Icons= These are pictures you can put onto your home page. See definition above. They are real neat to look at, too. I don't have too much of these on my Home Page (Hey, give me a break ! I'm only a BEGINNER !). Also see Hanging=When the computer makes you wait to complete a link, and then doesn't connect you. Expressions include: "The computer left me hanging !" or when a friend asks you what you are doing while you are staring at some blank screen, your reply is, "Oh, just hanging !"

31. Creative Home Page= A Home Page, see above, that expresses the makers personality. To see my creative home page, Click here.