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Week 1

Set Terminal Problems

I have been having a very hard time getting into the CSS server. I am using a terminal from Sinclair library called a Wyse 50. It doesn't seem to work for CSS, but it works great for e - mail and other things useful in unix. I will try to use the CLIC lab later. See definition of CLIC lab.

Also, I had a hard time getting into telnet on the first day of class. Maybe it was because I had no idea what I was doing. I was frustrated and decided to just give up, as nothing I was trying was working. The final straw was when the people next to me got in, and could not tell me how. That was it, I needed to get out of there. I later tried again in Sinclair using the Wyse 50, but it still didn't work.

Some Questions

A few questions still linger after this first week. Is there a problem with the computers in Sinclair, or is it a terminal problem ? Also, am I ever going to figure out how to do this ? Finally, will this class get easier as time goes by ?

Week 2

Jill's Help

I tried using the CLIC lab in Sinclair. I still could not do anything. I saw Jill in there and she attempted to help me, but I think I was beyond help at that time. CSS let me log in and change my password, but nothing else. On the brink of usefulness, and not getting anywhere. I got frustrated again. I felt so hopeless. I mean, Jill seemed like she was getting around okay, but as for me, I was getting no where. I just wanted to quit. I also contimplated dropping this class. I felt like I was getting no where but an 'F' for a grade. However, I need this class to graduate. I feel trapped. Worse, trapped and useless.

Dr. James' Help

I call Dr. James for help. He advises me that I need to set my terminal. My account was automatically defauliting into a Wyse 50 terminal. If this doesn't work I will have to use the Porteus Hall computers so I won't even need to get into my account. Then I would have to go to Keller to try to fix the problem. I still have the same questions as week 1.

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Week 3

Success at Last

I'm in !!!! It is so amazing ! I feel like I just got my "computer literacy" degree. I know I will probably get a few problems, but I feel I have at least a fighting chance.

By using the set term command to 'vt100', I was able to use emacs without the computer telling me that the terminal that I was using was "not defined." I feel like I just took a few baby steps, and am getting ready to walk. Much Aloha to Dr. James and his advice !!

I have noticed that at the very last moment, when I despirately need to, I will ask for help. Isn't that interesting ? I know I need help, but I am way to hard headed to ask ! I guess I will have to get used to asking others for help. It is really strange. I guess I feel pretty computer illiterate ! I guess this would be a good way to have people sympathize with individuals that don't know how to read. To be in a totally new environment can be real scarry. It takes special effort to go beyond the norm and reach out for help. Just some food for thought.

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Week 4

I have been feeling much more comfortable using lynx at the CSS prompt. I would not call myself a master just yet, but I feel pretty descent with my progress. I only hope that I don't hit another 'snag,' though I feel that this comfortable feeling will be only temporary.

How to get to the Syllabus

I get to the instructor's syllabus by typing ,lynx ../../leon.html' at the CSS prompt. This gets me to the home page of the instructor. I select the class that I am in (Affective and Cognitive processes on the Internet) and go to the class syllabus (Syllabus for Spring 1995). I also have the option of going to the 'Instructor's Weekly Comments' at this time as well. There is also the 'home page of students' option as well. This is how I normally did this. However, it is a little different now.

How to get to My Home Page

Now I am able to get into my home page, and with links, travel to the weekly comments of the instructor, the other students' home pages, the other students' glossaries, as well as my own. Links sure made a lot of things easier ! I do have problems finding specific things in the syllabus, and often I spend a lot of time searching for things. This is something I hope to learn. I also don't know how to go directly to my own home page, so that I won't have to go through the instructor's. As I learn different things, I will be sure to fill in these questions with answers.

My Hard - Headed Self

At times have gotten really upset at the computer. In fact, I thought about dropping the class once. I feel so hopeless whenever I don't know how to do something, and as we all know, MEN DON'T ASK FOR DIRECTIONS WHEN THEY ARE LOST ! This one thing has made it real hard for me to ask anyone for help. Trust me when I say that it isn't that I think I am better, or smarter than anyone else. I guess I don't like to feel like I am stupid or something, while all the time, I AM stupid for not asking someone who probably knows better. I like to think that as I get frustrated it produces character and perseverence. Doesn't that sound a lot better ? I have a bull headish attitude when it comes to asking for help. So, as I get frustrated, I think that I will become forced to ask someone for solutions to my problems. This will produce character in that I will get used to asking others for help when I need it. Something also has to be said for working things out on your own. I must admit, when you work things out by yourself, you become more confident in your abilities. I know that I have learned a lot of things struggling through some of this stuff. I feel that the experience of struggling a nd coming out o.k. has allowed me to do other things that I wouldn't do. Venture a little deeper if you want to see it like that. I would encourage everyone to try some things without asking, then you will know what it feels like to do things on your own ! I can tell you, it's a great feeling !! Also see Joleen Lai's, Jason Raad's, and Allison Asahina's comments.

To any one who happens to read this, I hope this has been helpful. Good Luck to you, and if you get frustrated, let me mention a final thing . . . . . IT IS O.K. !!!!!! . . . . . because whether we all want to admit it or not, we are all frustrated with this thing !!!!!

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Week 5

Well, back to this stuff. As you can tell I am having a very bad attitude. First,let me tell you about the reports you gave me. His name is Phillip. His problem, procrastination. He offers very little help, as he does not have a very good work ethic. His message to me: "DON'T PROCRASTINATE !!!" (It can be very harmful to your grade !) I think that most of the time he seemed pretty frustrated, trying to finish the assignments as fast as he could, because he was already getting them in late. I hope I never end up as Phillip was, or I feel there will be so much pressure, I would go completely nuts. Also see Jill's comments, and Beverly Diaz's comments.

I have been having some problems with putting a link to my instructor's comments. It got pretty frustrating. Trying to tell the instructor by e - mail is not the best method in the world. I will always remember the value of being in the presence of someone. That is by far the best mode of communication. Anyway, thanks to Dr. James for figuring out the solution to my problem. Now I will be able to make links to other peoples' lab reports. I feel I'm well on my way ! We will see if my enthusiasm keeps up throughout the semester.

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Week 6

CLIC Lab Closing

What a hectic week this is turning out to be. Since the library is closing for the weekend, I am forced to do all my homework today. I do most of my homework on the weekend. However inconvenient, press on I must ! I don't think I will be able to surf around that much this week, so forgive me if I do not write about any "cool" things I harkened on to. I am mostly concerned with linking to other students lab reports today. Hopefully, I will be able to find all the traffic related items at another time. Maybe next week. I have a hard time doing links, so I really want to practice this.

Other Students' Lab Reports

I found the lab reports interesting. Knowing that there are others going through the same kind of HELL as I can be very comforting. I guess it is true. Misery definately enjoys company !!! I especially liked peoples' log on problems. I sympathize with them all, but I wanted to see how many of our class actually had this problem. To tell you the truth, many people encountered problems when trying to log on. Jill Kaneshiro had many a problem, even to the extent of having problems turning the computer on !! (Don't worry Jill, this was my first problem too, but I didn't have the guts to admit it !) Rayson Noguchi described his experiences as a "pain". Tina Smith, I think, put it best when she said,"This is the most difficult thing that I have done in my college career." Finally, Rebecca Ross simply hates using e-macs. Boy, I had some problems using this stuff, and to tell you the truth, my lab reports barely reflect the hard times I had. I think it is because it all happened after the fact. I wrote after I was feeling a little comfortable using the computer. If I had turned in something on the first wekk, however, Whoa, Nelly ! That WOULD have been a sight to behold ! Good luck to all you frustrated people out there. I am with you all. Also read Grant Harada's comments.

Using the Webcrawler

Whoa, Nelly !!!! This was the first time I used the "Webcrawler," and I must say it was enjoyable. That thing is awesome ! I started looking for things on traffic, since that was our instructions. I found some things on Orange County congested locations, MOS weather forcasts, (they didn't have any forecast for Hawaii, though) and something called "virtual tourist." In the virtual tourist, I tried to get into California, and look at some of the attractions at Disneyland, perhaps check out the horrifying prices at "the happiest place on earth," and maybe some of the newer attractions. However, the connection was taking so long that I just left the link. I hope this won't be bad, but I wasn't too interested in finding things on traffic. (Weather forcasts -- Traffic, get the connection ? I don't !!) I just rattled stuff off to just do it. After doing the assignment, however, I went completely NUTS !!!!! I got stuff on the Lakers (a professional basketball team, my fav !), then Seattle Seahawks (a professional football team) and stuff on Warner Brothers' cartoons. (In case some of you thought I was just a sports buff !) I found stats, game summeries, schedules, injuries, rosters, up to the moment news, quotes, just about every thing a fan would need ! I also found a person who has on his home page every single "Tiny Toon Adventures" episode written ! Wow, that's a REAL fan. Almost scary ! I almost forgot the ultimate find !! It is every single one of David Letterman's Top Ten Lists !!! If you need to laugh, check this one out ! I must say, I found much enjoyment looking for those things than looking for traffic related items. (Sorry, Doctor James !!! I guess that means no awards for me this time !! Hahahahahahahaha !) Also read Cheryl Remata's comments, Rebecca Ross's comments, and Barry Kwock's comments.

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Week 7

Eye Sore

One thing I have noticed about whenever I use the computer. My eyes start to hurt. Carol Alamares says that whenever she looks at the screen too long, it creates "eye strain." To fix this problem, she suggests to "look away once in a while." I think I will try that. Sometimes it is so hard to look away whenever you are engulfed in your work. Doesn't the time seem to fly by whenever you are working on the computer ? It sure does for me. Perhaps I need to set the alarm on my watch, or something, to take breaks away from the computer. I think I will try that next week !


Next, I read other students' lab reports. Back to homework ! I wanted to learn about my fellow surfers, and how they dealt with this class. It was awfully time consuming ! I guess that would make me a WAVE HOG ! Oh, well ! I liked what Allison Asahina recommended, that I look at this class as an "individual growth experience." I also really enjoyed how Diane Beauchemin fought stress. She would go to Manoa Gardens, and order a veggie taco salad and a 20 oz. Killians Red Ale. Wise words, I believe. I also enjoyed what Rayson Noguchi does. He would play his guitar. (I would do the same, but I don't think the people at CLIC would appreciate my "artistic expression !") He also had 2 rules to remember. The first was to "not sweat the small stuff." The second was to remember that "it is all small stuff ." Words I will remember whenever I get frustrated. And finally, Cheryl Remata, who takes the Zen form of coping. To "take a deep breath and envision all tension exiting with that breath." I really do believe that everyone is doing a great job, and I encourage you all to persevere. We all need ways to relieve ourselves from the tension of learning this new language. (If you haven't figured out, mines is humor !) I hope we all don't go crazy in this class !

Instructor's Article

I took some time to read the insturctor's article that we needed to do for homework. It was rather long. A few things I got out of the article, was that there was much feelings of anger and despair. However, these feelings were delt with by the class together. I particularly like the fact that together, they got their frustrations out, and dealt with them. The paragraph goes on to say that the enthusiasm of some spread to the entire class ! I was also informed by the first paragraph that the class was "left to fend for themselves" and "pressured to turn in lab reports." Does this sound familiar to anyone ? The conclusion brought some light as to how to handle the rest of the semester. It was encouraging, and if you have time I would suggest you read it. Also see Jill's comments.

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Week 8

Other Classes' Lab Reports

Well, it sure took a long time to read those lab reports from the other class. I guess I had a real hard time reading it all, because I was not really interested in traffic - related items. However, I did find some things that were of some interest to me. The strong stand taken by Todd Takitani to save Mahalo Airlines was pretty interesting. He also had things on his lab report about finding a room for rent. I will keep my eyes open ! I also read Josephine Allen's lab report. She said she was an over - confident driver. I don't think I like those types on the road. Neither does Danell Saito. I also liked Terri Slaughter's comments in her lab report. Anytime you can write "I own the side walks" and "Male Dominence" in the same sentence gets a link from me !!! Another lab report that I read was Laura Izutsu's. I particularly liked how she thought mood affected driving. I also liked the comments from the paper Danell Saito read, that everyone should "learn to drive better." I often think this myself, after all, how many people have been in an accident where it wasn't your fault ? It almost never is !!!!! I feel the rest of the world needs to go back to Drivers Education.

Links to the Insturctor's Comments

I don't know if this is how you want this done, but I do have a few comments on your comments file. I do enjoy the Technophobia Laugh and Cry file. It was pointed out to me by Jill (Thanks, Jill !) to look at. I would suggest any person who is getting really stressed out to look at this file. It may just damper your mood a little bit. I also have a comment on your awards file. I haven't read about any new awards being given out. Are we all doing that badly ? Surely someone (me) deserves some kind of award (me) of something they have done (me,me,me !). Or maybe, I don't know, telling you that this is the most wonderful class that I have taken (ease up on the homework !) , or maybe that you are a very nice person ! I don't know. I am sure someone (me), anyone (me) deserves something (an "A" for the class). By the way, do you think subliminal messages in lab reports work ? Anyways, back to doing homework !!! Also, see Jill Kaneshiro's lab report.

Waiting . . . . . .

I hve notice that I am the type of person who hates waiting. I don't use the CLIC lab if there is a line. I always just think to myself, "I will just come back later." With this computer log on and http sites, and connections, I have noticed that there is a lot of waiting. Now, don't think that I am impatient. I never complain if I am in the line at the bank, or the grocery store, but whenever I am at the computer, I am expecting everything to come quick, which, most of the time, it isn't. Isn't that odd ? It really BUGS me the whole time I wait for the computer to start up. That is something that is done every time I have to use the computer !!! I feel that it is "dead time". Time that can be spent doing other things. Am I alone in this ? Does anyone feel that this wait is really excessive ? Not to say that it isn't necessary, but aren't we supposed to be "zooming into the 21st century !" Sometimes I feel that we are just "puttering" into the year 2000.

Headers for paragraphs

I just thought I would make a comment about putting headers on your paragraphs. This is an ideal place to put anchors, and it tells readers what the paragraphs are about. As I read the lab reports of the students in both classes, I must admit that it was 100 times easier reading reports with headers on it. That way, you don't have to read about things you are not interested in. Just an idea to let everyone else have an easier time with their readings. Good Luck with Midterms !

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Week 9

Exploring Socializing Files

I found this to be quite interesting. As a quiet person, I thought that by using the computer, people may just open up a little bit. I particularly found James Yuen's comments interesting. He doesn't like essays, but he also thinks multiple choice questions suck. I agree, the whole testing thing is junk. In fact, I think there should be no more testing at all, just like James says. As a matter of fact, why do we need GRADES ?! Just KIDDING ! I felt that he came up with several pretty lame answers. Especially his second entry which stated that Japanese students tend to "just regurgitate what they hear without question." Oh, really ? And I think CHINESE students come up with pretty lame attitudes toward the Japanese ! PUH - LEASE ! I think it was smart for the professor to change the format so the names were all anonymous. I probably would have written my whole paragraph about this jerk. I for one think this is a great idea, especially for people who do not like to speak up in class. I would probably use it if I had a question to ask, even though I probably would not speak up in class. In some ways it is like these lab reports in that I know others in the class will read them and will comment on them. I noticed that at the end of class they all revealed their "secret identity." Bad idea. If the professor really wanted straightforward answers to the questions on his teaching, he should have kept everyone anonymous. That way, people would be more comfortable telling him what they feel he is doing wrong. Just a thought . . . .

Instructor's article

Well, this was a little easier to read because it was shorter. I liked the comments made by the class. It seemed so familiar, I can't put my finger on it . . . well take a look here. Did you see it ? It sure reminded me of myself ! I guess we aren't so unique in our strugglings, huh ? I also liked the part where they used personas to describe themselves. The article made me understnad several things, like how they were not going to be graded on the content of their messages, though I still don't think some would be comfortable telling the problems of the instructor to his face via computer. The other thing I thought was very interesting was the files that they could use. I am not sure something like that would work on the internet. After all, I don't think I would like to discuss my sexual life (though I don't have one) for the whole world to see. I don't even think I would like to discuss my dating life (though I don't have one) for the whole world to see. In fact, if I had a life, I am still unsure if I would be so open as to have others comment on it ! I think I would enjoy using Plato in a limited sense, but to have something to discuss about myself for the WORLD to see. Well, I'm much too timid for that !

Comments on my Comments

Well, after further thought I realized that this lab report is open for the world to see. I don't mind it that much, after all, I don't feel that this is really anything too personal. I think that some will enjoy writing about certain things on the computer for the world to see. I just happen to not be one of those people. I will write on certain issues, ie. abortion or religion, but not others. I guess it will all depend on the interests of the individuals. I guess that's why it was good that the professor provided a large array of subjects. I do understand that not all people are interested in what I am, but I just thought I would add my $0.02 on the matter.

Keep On Crawling . . .

Well, I continued looking for stuff using Webcrawler. I sure find it fastinating. The possibilities are endless. I know you are probably dying to find out what I found. I mean, it must be worth something if I am putting it in my lab report ! Well, for all you soap lovers I found a link to soap opera news. In this you will find only the CBS soaps (my Mom watches them) and stuff on Melrose and 90210. If you want to check it out, click here. If that doesn't fit your fancy, and you are bored at home, and just so happen to have an answering machine lying around, you can look at these answering machine jokes !!! Maybe you don't have an answering machine. Heck, maybe you hate your roommate. I got something for you too ! Check out "How to Freak Out Your Roommate!" Maybe none of this appeals toyou. Maybe you thought I could not reach any of your interests. Well, do you know what time it is ? It is time . . . (ah - hem) it is Time . . . .(ah - hem), it is TIME ! . . . . . It's time for ANIMANIACS !!!! Yes, I searched and searched for this one, and I finally found it ! But, enough patting myself on the back. I am really interested in what everyone else found. Please write about it in your lab reports. I really want to see how everyone is doing !

The Loss

I regretfully must inform all that reads the above paragraph that the "answering machine humor" and "how to freak out your roommate" are missing in action. I had made a bookmark on those items, but they have since disappeared. I know this comes as a shock to many of you, and all I can say is that you all remain calm and strong during this crisis. Indeed, these two would have brought us much enjoyment, but life must go on. Please do not take this out on me. I apologize for any mental anguish or trauma, and I hope you will not give up reading my reports. Please take a few moments from reading this to acknowledge the loss of our poor, lost links. This is to all the links I've lost, before. (Sung to the tune of "To all the girls I've loved before". Okay, enough fooling around.

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Week 10

Land of a Thousand Home Pages

Well, I saw the land of many home pages. Not to be arrogant, but I was expecting a lot more in Netscape. (See definition of Netscape.) I guess I thought that I was "behind in the times," and I wanted to see all the fun I was missing. What I found instead were home pages that looked a lot like mine. Little detail, no pictures, in a word . . . boring. I know there are really nice home pages out there, and I couldn't get through to the "Yahoo" home page. I saw between 10 to 15 home pages, and all were the same. I chose things that I thought would be of interest to me. I saw a home page called "sports" and also a home page that sold ice cream (I am sorry to say I can't remember which store). I was expecting a picture of an ice cream cone or something, but there were just words. I guess everyone is new at this ! Most of the home pages seemed really short. I felt tht my home pages tend to be really long. They seemed to be mostly (if not all) in the category of a standard home page. The creators wrote in explanations on where the user can go. I rather liked this way to navigate. I didn't get any ideas for my alternate home page, though I have been working on an idea. I am hoping that it will be aesthetically pleasing, and get me an "A" in the class. I hope to make my home page a little more exciting. By the way, Diane's Home Page looks great ! That is some stiff competition !

More Awards

By the way, I noticed that there are more people receiving awards. Isn't that just peachy ! I noticed I got an award, I can't remember what for, but I am sure I deserved AT LEAST 3 or 4. Oh well !!! I have been learning how to live with disappointment ! Wasn't giving more awards my idea in the first place ? Don't I deserve an award for asking about awards ? JUST KIDDING ! After that long serious paragraph, I needed to let out some of my humor. Who wants to read about only serious stuff ? It's not like this is an institute of HIGHER LEARNING or anything ! Also, see my comments.

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Week 11

What is it about

What is Kuhlthau's book about. Now, I wouldn't say that I fully understand everything that the book discusses, however, these are some of my impressions. From the chapter I had to summerize, it seemed that Kuhlthau wanted there to be an understanding between users, librarians, and teachers. These three individuals must work together to help the user use the information that is available to him/her. I feel at the heart of Kuhlthaus' book is the desire for everyone to understand what is going on in each persons head. When we can understand what a person is thinking, then it will become much easier for a person to be helped. I am unsure if this is what others in the class got from my oral. To me, it just seemed like a lot of shouting and blabber. I really do understand where everyone is coming from, and I hoped that I conveyed to the class what goes on in a librarians' mind (according to Kuhlthau). If you have any questions, ask Joleen or Beverly, they were quietly listening to the whole discussion (if thats what you want to call it) and I'm sure have grasped the whole concept in its entirety ! Also see my definition. For more comments, see Jill's comments.

Does it Help ?

I must admit that this section of the book really helped me to figure out what a librarian must go through. Someone said in class that they thought the job of the librarian was to sit there and check in/out books all day. I know that they don't even do that ! I had a hard time figuring out how I was going to defend the librarian, especially when I hated librarians before, too. This section really showed me the amount of knowledge, and the vast techniques librarians need to use for different individuals. I must say that as I understand where librarians are coming from, it will help me to cope next time I am looking for something. It will also help me as I try to help others use the library. My hope is that our class can understand where librarians are coming from so that they do not get frustrated. There is nothing more stressful than when you need to do a paper and it seems that the librarian doesn't care . . . . . The fact is, they do care, but they can only help if you know what you want. They can find stuff, and even help you extract meaning from it. But, if you are unsure of what you want, or only know what you want generally then they can only help you in a "trivial" manner. C'mon guys, librarians aren't all in the psychic fiends network !

What Others Think

By in large, I don't know what people think, because only a few have done the work to this point. Some spectacular students have kept up to this point, and I give them a rousing, stranding ovation. Rayson mentions the class debate that was discussed above. I agree with him, that ALL parties envolved needs to work together through the problems of information retrieval and interpretation. As Joleen read her chapter she laughed. She thought it described herself well. To see what she says, look here. Beverly gave the book an emphatic Y-E-S whe it came to helping her cope. To see her comments click here. I mostly agree with what Jill has to say. The book WAS rather redundant, and if you could imagine reading 14 pages of things that are summed up in 2 illustarations on 2 pages, you can see where Jill can get this idea.

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Week 12

Swedenborg's Home Page

Wow, this was sure a lot to read in one sitting. Actually, I only got to do 1 section. It took me about an hour or so. I can't imagine reading all of it, so excuse me if I comment on only this one section. I found the discussions to be quite interesting. Since I am a Christian, I enjoyed reading about other peoples' comments and opinions. Though I may have not been in agreement with many of the responses, I got a chance to understand what they were thinking. I feel that this is not the best way to discuss matters, however. The time it takes to answer a persons' statement is too long. I feel that if you want to have a good discussion, it will need to be done in person. That way, people will be acountable to what they say and believe. I realized that many people spoke very negatively about God, Jesus, and Christianity as a whole. That is okay, I mean, people are allowed to their opinions, but, I would like for them to tell me that kind of stuff to my face. That way, I can tell if this is a well thought out argument, or just a shock statement to try to tick me off. I feel if there is any problems with this method, it is the ability to not be accountable with what you write. See also, Jill's Comments.

The People

The people giving their responses seemed very open. I felt that some people spoke out by using the computer who would not normally speak in class. That is good, because I feel everyone needs to be able to voice their opinions, especially about a subject as personal as this. Since religion is a personal subject, I don't feel that anything got anywhere. Again, if I want to tell you about what I believe, I would like to see the person who I am talking to. By using the computer, people can just shut off, not read the whole message, or even skip the message entirely ! I felt that it is virtually IMPOSSIBLE to try to convince someone this way. I don't think that this is the method to choose if you want a discussion on such a controvercial subject. Also, see my comments on exploring socializing files.

Was It Useful I don't know if reading all this stuff was any good for me. It didn't make me a non believer, and it didn't really enlighten me on the thoughts of others about Christianity. I think it was "food for thought," but that is about it. I don't want to seem arrogant, but I feel that what we are doing here, with interconnecting lab reports, and comments about other people, can be much more interesting. The only problem is that our lab reports are complaining and crying for help. It IS a handy tool to have. Just as knowing how to use the Internet is really useful, but the discussions were not all that special.

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Week 14

How Do I Relate

How do I relate to titles, file names, e - mail, and URL adresses ? Well, I 'm not sure what the answer is. I really don't look at titles too much, unless I feel it is important, which, most of the time, I don't. I use file names and titles to guide me along when I read or search for something, but that is about all i do. So, I guess my answer to most of the questions is, I don't really care. I really don't try to read into why people call certain things the way they do. Most of the time, I just assume that they title things the way they do because that is the content of the paragraph, file, or whatever. Call me silly, but that is what I do. This includes my names for anchors and subheadings. I am aware that there cannot be two anchors with the same name, so I try to be careful with what I call things. This is sort of hard to do, but by having an index of things, for instance, my indexical home page can be used to check that sort of thing. I figure out what other peoples anchors and adresses by two ways. One is by using the back slash (\) key, and the other is by using the equals sign (=) key. Both have been very useful in finding the anchor and link names that I want. It really is a handy tool. You can also look at my comments about headers in my lab report. Also see both of Jill's comments: Click here and Click here.

Comments on Experiment

I really didn't understand the experiment. It could be because I am sick, and my medication is making me drowsy, or, it could be a pointless experiment. I don't see the need of psychoanalysing the way someone names headings and titles. I thougth Kuhlthau was writing her book about "Seeking Meaning" that's why she called it that. What's the point ? Don't you think that this is going a little too far, as far as trying to help another person ? GET A LIFE ! I don't believe someone spent money to try to figure out why people name things the way they do. I personally think it is stupid, and I will not comment any further. If you want to read it fo yourself, click here.

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Week 15

Examining Web Pages

As I look at the classes' web pages, I am in awe. I think we all did pretty good, considering that this is our first time. I am pretty impressed with Diane's artistic home page, as well as Jill's creative home page. I don't think that my home pages come close to their artestry. I don't fancy myself as much of an artist anyways. Though I named but a few, I thought everyones web pages were really nice, and to everyone in the class, I gave an "award". If you want to see what you got, just look in my Last Will and Testament of Kyle Fujii page. It is full of stuff you would want to see.

All My Hard Work

I really don't know how many of you got the work done for this class. I feel that each of you should be commended. I know that this class took a lot of T-I-M-E, and if I was carrying a hard load, I probably would have gone completely bonkers. Indeed, this class takes a lot of time, I feel that I needed at LEAST 10 hours in the lab just to finish my assignment. Was it worth it ? HELL, NO ! Actually, I really do believe that this knowledge about the internet will come in handy as I look to my future. I can see how almost EVERYTHING can be done by using the internet, and it will be THE THING to be used in the very near future.

Advice For Future Surfers

My advice to you is: DROP THIS CLASS NOW, WHILE YOU CAN GET A FULL REFUND ON YOUR TUITION !!!!!!!!! Just Kidding ! I feel that the advice given to me by Phillip was sound advice. Don't procrastinate !! Falling behind could drive you mad. I took 1 week "off" from the computer, and took about 4 weeks catching up. I have to tell you, if you fall behind, it will be hard to catch up. So keep things going. No matter how hard you have to struggle, get things done on time ! It will be best in the long run.

How I Started

I started very shaky. How shaky ? Check out Week 1. I didn't know where to start. I didn't know how to start ! I will admit that I did not know how to turn the computer on when I first came to the terminal. I had terminal problems, wording problems, and tons of other problems not documented in this report. I feel that I have scome pretty far, compared to that computer illiterate no nothing. I don't feel that I am MASTER OF THE INTERNET, but I am much more knowledgable now, than when I started. If I were to do anything different,I would omit that paragraph on being Hard - headed. I you want to see it, Click here. Why ? It seems that this is all I will be remembered for. By observing the amount of links to that paragraph, it seems that this is the only thing people in this class knows about me. It is awfully depressing ! All in all, I am real happy with my accomplishments in this class. I feel that I am going out smarter than when I went in, and isn't that what education is all about ?! I hope that I will continue to use the internet as a reference for knowledge as well as for fun. If you see my creative home page, you will see I have a lot of fun stuff on there. It is really interesting stuff, and I would like to keep my income of knowledge flowing in. I hope that I will continue to use the internet.

What to do, What to do

What to do with this generations' files. Kill it ? Burn it ? Eat it ? I don't know. Maybe keep it for other generations to study and poke fun at. In the near future this will become obsolete, and I think it would be good for others to see how us "old folk" used the internet. I hope that one day even I will see this stuff and be able to laugh at my beginings. I don't mind if others use (or mock), my work, as long as it is done in a LOVNG manner ! And if you are young and smart, and laughing at what I am writing right now, MIND YOUR MANNERS ! YOU SHOULD RESPECT YOUR ELDERS !!!!!

Other Suggestions

Some suggestions I have for the instructor are : 1. Please be sure to answer questions clearly, there were several times that it seemed you did not know what you were saying or doing. 2. Try to be empathetic. Sometimes it seemed that you didn't care what the class was going through. 3. Get a classroom with computers in it, that way, as you explain how to do things, the students can try it that moment, and, if they have questions, they can ask it and show you the screen right then and there. 4. Trash the textbook, it was not very useful in understanding the internet. It's an okay book, but not too useful in handling the problems on the internet. Finally, 5. If the webmaster, or anyone comes in to speak to the class, make the class ask questions. If you or the TA start asking questions (which were, by the way, way over my head), it made me feel that my questions were stupid and unimportant. Sorry, one more, 6. GIVE MORE AWARDS !!!!! Awards are great, because they are encouraging, and that is exactly what people need in this class. Any awards will do, the first to log on, the last to log on, the weirdest link, anything. I just think that if you were to give more awards, people will feel more encouraged to work hard. Overall, I feel that this was a very useful class, and I would change very little as far as the content of the class goes. I just hope that the work load doesn't get any worse, for the sake of next generations' students.

Last Parting Shots

In the end, I feel this class was really fun. I recommend it to anyone who wants to learn how to use the internet. I learned a great deal. Thanks to Dr. James for all his hard work and help. I also want to thank all my classmates, those that helped me, those that asked questions, and those that just sort of sat there and watched the discussions. I won't mention names, but they sit in the front row, and are named Joleen and Beverly ! Anyways, thanks for a great class, and good luck to all of you, whatever your endeavors may be. Hey, maybe we will all meet again some day and have a "virtual party" ! Wouldn't that be a trip ?!

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