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[GCVLC] GCVL stands for Generational, Cyberspace, Virtual, Learning, Community. This is the basis for PSY 409a '95, which was designed by Dr. Leon James.

[CYBERSPACE] Cyberspace means on-line.

[INTERNET] Internet is a network of networks. It is a protocal to connecting computers. The internet is open and insecure. See other definition.

[WEB MASTER] The web master controls the College of Soc. Sci.server. The web master controls the gateway to the internet and can override the students.

[UNIX] Unix is a computer network program that connects computers all over the world. The unix lines stay open 24 hours a day. It is also the word prompt at which you may choose which computer function you want to utilize.

[TELNET] Telnet is the phone line that connects the host computers.

[HOST] The host is the main computer that is connected to the telnet lines directly. Personal computers are then hooked into their host computer either directly, as in the cas oh the University's computers, or through the use of a modem.

[UHUNIX] Uhunix is the host computer for our University.

[E-MAIL] E-Mail is a way to send, retrieve, and store messages to people through the use of a computer. It can also be used to download and print small pieces of text. See other definition.

[PINE] Pine is a program on in unix that allows us to utilize E-Mail. See other definition.

[DIR] Dir is a command which will pull up a directory or list of files.

[CD] Cd is a command which will allow you to change directories.