Jill's Standard Home Page 1!!!

Dr. James' Home Page, he is the instructor, the master, the Almighty! This is the 409 Bible.
Dr. James' Weekly Comments File, it is how we find out what to do, and how to do it!
My "Original Home Page", you know, the one I actually started the semester with!
My "Creative Home Page", you know, the week 10 homework that could be totally PSYCHO!!!
My "Indexical Home Page", the one that is really organized and stuff!
Other Students' Home Pages, where I go to check out other peoples' things!
My Lab Reports, the place where I do all my homework!
Other Students' Lab Reports, where I can steal other people's ideas!!(heheh)
My Glossary, where I put down my definitions to the words that pop into my head!
Other Students' Glossaries, where I go when I am low on glossary words for the week!
My Bookmark File, where I store my HotLinks!

Want to know my email address? It's:jillkane@ uhunix.uhcc.Hawaii.Edu, so go ahead and email me about anything you want, anytime!!!=)