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Joleen's Glossary for Psychology 459

perceiving your actions through observing your behaviors

behavior that prevents me from doing what I want

physical or verbal behavior intended to hurt someone

a behavior that has the inability to endure irritation or oppostion

extreme hostility, indignation, or exasperation

transmitting, or transmitting and receiving, information, signals, or messages by means of gestures, words, or other symbols, from one organism to another

name of program which allows you to travel the internet

which means to open up a telephone line on the computer

a button which allows you to go from back page to the front page

the person in charge of the server

css server
e.g., is the college of social science

the filename which allows you to link other people's work to your page

to save a link in your own personal file

accordian affect
when driving close to one another and the car in front of you decides to stop suddenly, everyone after him hits their brakes and the cars goes "crunch". Take a look at Cynthia's definition.

information shock
this is when an abundance of information is gathered all at once. See Rayson's definition also.

this is when you can make faces on the computer's just like messages you leave on your pager, take a look at Bev's, she's in Psy 409, description :)

traffic violence
any act of violence that one commits to another while driving, may be verbally or non-verbally. Take a look at Danell's definition.

illusion of control
the belief that one can influence events that are in fact detemined by chance.

repeating the same stimulus.

Schachter's theory of emotion
when we are in an emotional state we experience feelings of physical arousal, and we look to the envirnment for the cause of the arousal. The basis for emotion is physical arousal, and the difference between emotions lies in our thoughts about the causes of the arousal.

distraction conflict
the theory that the presence of other members of the same species creates a conflict between responding to the others and working on the task, and that this increases a person's drive level.

perceptual filter
an information processing selection mechanism in which a higher order function is rig to control a lower order of function.

complying with the standard set of rules for a group when no request has been made to comply.

rambo pattern
people taking the law into their own hands when anyone does something wrong - which is - anything that cramps your style.

automobile personality
the strange quirk which makes you feel, as soon as you slide under the wheel, that you're a monarch of all you survey - that you can make the pedestrians jump - that the other fellow can wait for you and like it - that 45 mph is all right for ordinary drivers but you are entitled to 70 mph.

the commonly used command to upload or download a file from one program to another.

a group of cars that usually travels at the same speed while on the road.

going along with a group of people which is similar to eastern philosophy.

refers to you yourself and doing anything you want as an individual which is similar to western philosophy.

sucking in phenomena
this happens when you leave enough car length between you and the other car in front, which allows them to cut right in front of you, acting like a vacuum.

a protocol which links to other computers.

baud rate
communications rate which is the speed at which communication is sent.

to view the screens slowly and by pressing the spacebar which takes you back to the next screen.