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1. Pine=anchor
-A program on the Internet that are used for sending and receiving E mails. Very easy to use, even for computer illiterates like me. 2.Toggle=anchor
-A term that is used when one goes back and forth from the front of the file to the back of the file. \ key is used for this purpose. 3.Convoys=anchor
-A group of cars (or other vehicles) traveling in packs. Differences in driving behaviors and attitudes arise when driving in this manner.See alsoCaroline's definition. 4.Emacs=anchor
-An editor in the telnet that students in Dr. James' classes are required to type their labreports in.Also see Michelle's definition 5.Accordion Effect=anchor
-Describes a situation in which cars are driven too closely to each other. The spaces between cars change from being wide to being narrow, much like the musical instrument, accordian when being played.See also Kendall's definition. 6.Anchor=anchor
-This is used to make a connection among labreports, so that students can comment on what others have written.Also see Claudia's definition. 7.Telnet=anchor
-One of four types of systems that are used in Dr. James' class. In this, students type their labreport under the emacs editor.This program allows oneto connect to others.Also see Jolleen's definition 8.Internet=anchor
-A system which allows people to contact and make other connections with people around the world in a short amount of time. 9.Link=anchor
-This is used to make connections with different files, making it easier to get from one file to another. 10Backseat Drivers=anchor
-Refers to people who are passengers in a car that make various comments on the "how to's" of driving to the driver. Oftentimes, the comments are unnecessary and causes the driver to get upset; this can cause the driver to drive in an unsafe manner.Also see Nicole's definition. 11.Pico=anchor
-An editor in the telnet system that students can type their labreports in. This editor is much easier than the emacs editor.Also seeJosephine's definition. 12.Kermit=anchor
-A program for uploading. This allows a word processing file saved on a diskette to be transferred to the www. See alsoTerri's definition because it is cute!* 13.Traffic Violence=anchor
-Refers to a situation in which the driver of a vehicle explicitly or implicitly becomes violent. This violence can be various thoughts, such as wishing some sort of harm on other, or it can be an actual act, such as making obscene gestures.See also Diane's definition. 14.ftp=anchor
-Stands for "FILE TRANSFER PROTOCOL"; This is used for transferring files from unix to web. 15.server=anchor
-A computer that one is registered on. 16.facilitative driver=anchor
-An ideal type of a driver who lets others "do their own thing". That is, instead of getting upset at other drivers or trying to get revenge, a facilitative driver lets the "bad" drivers go.Also see Ted's definition. 17.heaven and hell=anchor
-Used in the context of traffic psychology, they are a state of mind. These depend on whether or not one believes that morality is an issuein traffic psychology. 18.morality=anchor
-Personal responsibility, rather than legal responsibility. This differs greatly from person to person, depending on their beliefs, upbringing,and many other factors. intelligence=anchor
-This and morality seem to go together; rationality. 20.driving personality makeover=anchor
-Hopefully brings about an improvement in one's driving style. Taking data of driving habits for analysis. 21.driver's threefold self=anchor
-Includes the following: Affective, Cognitive, and Sensorimotor. 22.self modification experiment=anchor
-Analyzing what area of yourself needs to be worked on and going about figuring out ways to bring about desired outcome; also used to elminate unwanted aspects of yourself. 23.reformed driver=anchor
-A driver that has changed in some sort of way. Hopefully this change is for the better. 24.mitigate=anchor
-To soften.(As in mitigating behavior). 25.modulate=anchor
-to increase or decrease behavior. 26.higher motives within the self=anchor
-Examples of this are:love of order and justice, patriotism, nobility, chivalry, charity, friiendliness to strangers, and so on. 27.first stage of sensorimotor=anchor
-Giving the appearance of being a reformed driver. 28.second stage of sensorimotor=anchor
-To act. 29.web crawler=anchor
-A system provided in Dr.James'homepage that alows one to retrieve documents that are related to various topics. For our purposes, this system lets you find various information related to traffic psychology. 30.veronica and gopher=anchor
-Other search tools provided through Dr. James' homepage that are useful in finding various documents including those that relate to traffic psychology. Also see Shane's definition of gopher! 31.infobits
-One can get this free information booklet through the email. Contains various information on the uses of the internet. 32.anu
-Famous data base in Australia. 33.Dr.Sheldrake
-He put forth theories which applies to traffic psychology. Mainly that there is a dimension called "form" without time and place. 34.sheldraking effect
-Similar to that famous saying that if everyone meditates at the same time, there will be calm over the world. 35.