Laura Izutsu, PSY 459, Lab Report

Laura's Glossary

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social facilitation
-others influence and hinder the performances of an individual

evaluation apprehension
-means individuals are concerned about how others are evaluating them

-independence, valued by many industrialized countries, gives more priority to self reliance and personal well being than to social identity -concept which means giving priority to one's own goals over group goals and defining one's identity in terms of personal attributes, rather than group identification -regarding traffic, drivers think as individuals, create their own worlds careless about the welfare of others, and ignore harm they can have on others due to careless mistakes

-teach values of communal sensitivity and to maintain the extended family -gives more priority to the goals and welfare of others -gives priority to the goals of one's group and defining one's identity accordingly

self-serving bias
-a tendency to act or behave in accord with what is expected out of them. Also tend to blame the situation for failures, while taking credit for our successess, to see ourselves as generally "better" than average, and to protect and inhance image.

-a group of cars, usually maintaining the same speed on the road

-virtual reality

to touch a key several times

-a browser, used to travel the international superhighway

-E Mail server program

-to be cautious of things, events etc. around you

subjective value
-external events

-more than one thing, person etc. a grouping of. usually forms a group identity, sometimes used to avoid punishments ex.driving in packs will avoid the likelyhood of getting a ticket, because it is difficult to determine who is exactly speeding. serves as a deterance

-a change in behavior or belief as a result of real or imagined group pressure

-conforming without relly believing in what we are doing

normative influence
-based on a person's desire to fulfill others' expectations often to gain acceptance

accordian effect
-when a group of ca rs on the road go through the domino effect. the space between cars decrease a nd increases with what ever situation encountered. If the first driver brakes, everyone after him will brake and so forth.. See also Nicole's definition

traffic violence
-any comment, gesture by a body part, caused byt he reaction to another person's -inability or reckless driving that affected you. Take a look at Cynthia's
definition. I would also consider demonstrating one's feeling or emotions through their driving. Because often times when drivers are upset or mad, speeding and tailgaiting te nd to happen more!?

back seat drivers
-when another passenger in the car that says irritating comments to the driver.-Often times contributes to the frustration, irritability, and stress of driving in traffic. SeeDanell's
definition too.

Need for speed
having the uncontrollable desire to speed all the time, regardless of situation or circumstance

Fender Bender
-when two cars come into contact with each other at the fender -the fenders of one or both cars gets bent or damaged -most times resulting from unsuccessful taigating