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Week #6

Using the WWW was a true experience. It was like having access to almost anything you wanted from your own home. I searched for my traffic related documents, from going to the Homework assignments from the Instructor's Home Page. I then went into the Web Crawler and typed in the word traffic. I the came to the Southern California Traffic Report. This was an experimental public service, provided by Caltrans and Maxwell Laboratories. It provides real and current, freeway traffic information, so that commuters have access to traffic information prior to traveling on the road via the Internet.

The Southern California Trafiic Report also contains information on closures, construction being done, maintenance, and operations of the California State Highway system. Together with Amtrak, the leader in promoting the use of alternative modes of transportation, they are making drivers be more prepared, in facing the conditions of the roads and traffic ahead of time. This in fact should relieve stress and frustration, shown through driving, therefore, could be a contributing factor in decreasing the number of careless accidents.

[Too Much]
Having the access to current traffic and road conditions is very helpful. But there are pro's and con's to everything. Although using the Internet to get information is convenient, it also in a sense, doesn't encourage physical function and social well being. A child could get all the information for his homework from home, and play games on the computer. A person doesn't have to leave their home anymore. You don't really have to go to the library anymore. What is going to happen when we, as adults have no dreadful memories of going to the library when we were kids, to talk about?! The access of traffic conditions, does in fact prepare driver to find alternate routes and allow more time for commuting when necessary, and promotes punctuality. I believe that having the access to information is useful for certain things. But there has to be a line drawn.

Other areas I explored through the California Traffic Reports were the Virtual Tourist
and California Driving FAQ
. If you are planning to travel, my best advice is to check out the Virutal Tourist. You could save yourself the grief of going on vaction to a place, that looked awesome in a magazine picture five years ago, but in actuality it was just a shack. You could actually plan where you want to visit, shop, eat etc., ahead of time, so you don't have to spend most of your time looking for street signs. Access to other people's experiences of travel are also avialble. Some places may be fun, great and wonderful to vacation at for some people, but not for others. The VT also has tourist guides and information, that could make travel and vacationing to that place more fun. Good experiences, spread by word of mouth, and could be an economical benefit for that area from tourism. This available information through the Virtual Tourists, helps travelers get their moneys worth for a great vacation.

Save Face
Going through the California Driving FAQ, was interesting. FAQ stands for Frequently asked questions. You can look through any subject area, and read the kinds of questions most frequently asked, which are inserted by newsgroups inserted. You can find out answers to questions you always wanted to ask, but didn't because you didn't want to look stupid, have a big ego, or was too self concious, to do so.

After exploring other traffic related areas and discovering the various and numerous kinds of implementaions the Mainland had, I was shocked. I realized that Hawaii is so behind in developing systems or programs to help inform Oahu drivers of construction sites and times, accidents etc....if you search some of the links in WWW under traffic, you can see how extensive the state of California has their traffic reltaed programs set up to make driving convenient, stree free, and safe. Although Oahu is small in area compared to California, we do need to start looking/serching for ways to decrease traffic. Perhaps, making available a number to call to find out where construction is taking place or if their are any accidents on your route home etc... These kinds of service will help drivers avoid congested areas, save time, and prevent more stress from encountering avoidable traffic.

Also take a look at what Kendall
found, you can link up to other dealerships in the U.S. So if you are searching to buy a new or used car, you might want to consider checking the prices in the Mainland, and then comparing it to Hawaii and see if you are getting a deal. You probably could also even inquire with the staff from the distant dealership and ask for their opinion. Its always better to be prepared when you go to purchase a car, and you don't want to be scammed. Another convenient way to look for a car beside, the Buy and Sell Magazine, or spending days and days at car lots is, checking out a link Michelle Ota
found, has provided a faster more convenient way to look for a car, or even provide an easier way to get rid of your own car!!!!! Lastly, another helpful hint regarding using IBM. Look also at Jollen Lai's
finding. She has found a source, to help those IBM users get through any problems. It is a way to talk to someone who really wants to help you and not make a sale or give you the run around. I have an AST computer which is an IBM compatible, and although the company does rpovide a free help service, it takes forever to actually talk to a "human". Believe or not when I first got my computer and needed help, I waited on the phone for hours. Really 3-4 hours, I have watched movies while waiting, and taken naps. When I finally got through, they told me that the best time to call would be between 4-6 am Hawaii time. Gee is waiting up or getting up at that hour of the mroning more nuts than waiting on the phone during peak hour calling times?

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