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Lab Report 1c I feel that learning to use the Internet, is a beneficial system to learn because in the next few years, everything will be computerized. Learning to use the Internet, will provide more opportunities in the future for me, when looking for a job. I realized that a person, needs put put in many hours practice to be able to utilize the system effectively. Being a beginner at using the system, I found if difficult at first. But as I began to spend time working on it, I became more interested and amazed at what the Internet could offer. But sometimes it is very frustrating to deal with something that can't respond verbally, especially on those days that the computer is on the blinks. I have overcome the initial fear of learning something completely foreign to me. Although being forced to learn the Internet for Psy 459, I realized that learning it will only benefit me in the long run. I plan to keeping using the Internet, even after this class is over, because it is an easier and faster way to get certain things done.

The problems one faces when starting to get use to the Internet, It is confusing. At the touch of one button, could take you to places on the screen you never went to. Creating a file I think is the easiest, but linking, and searching for things is the hardest. I think that there should be more iNternet classes available, because the aassistants in the lab, are all not familiar with certain things, so that kind of leaves you in a bind. Of course they asst. are trying their best, but I am not the only one in the lab. I think that slowly I will be actually accomplishing learning how to use the computer, I thought using a word processor was bad enough. I think that we all have to start somewhere in learning how to use the Internet. I would feel more comfortable if there were certain levels of classes, because even the smallest amount of experience using the computer actually helps, so we are all not starting as novices. Part of being good at or successful at doing things means spending time at it practicing, and for those of us who really never use the computer as much due to either fear, or no convenient availablity, that is a set back on our part. Well, I guess I just have to make the best of it. It kind of taking a drawing class, some people just don't have the "nack" for it, no matter how many things you try to draw.

Just a thought.....knowing that computers is going to be an integral part of our lives in the coming years, and with the thought practice means perfect means that those, who have an easier access to the computer, for example having one at home, means the creation of differences. Taking into consideration, kids, those whose parents can afford it, will be ahead, but what about those who are not as fortunate enough to have one at home? It is hard enough to live in Hawaii's high cost of living. I guess that the gap between rich and poor goes beyond just the dollar figure. That is why our society is so competitive, and kids are taught to be individuals and strive to prove that individual ability. That's why sometimes those who have aggressive attitudes drive aggressively. er