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The three things that I learn in this class are how we can change our driving persona, how important traffic psychology is and how to get into specific functions in the computer.

It is important to change our out look on our driving. We all think that we are the best drivers and we do not know how others got their drivers licence. We get mad at drivers when they drive too fast or too slow or who do not turn on their signal light, we are never satified but we think that we ourselfs are the perfect drivers and that if everyone else were to drive like us we would be a lot happier.

The second thing is how important traffic psychology is. We wonder why are people yelling at us when we are blocking the intersection but when we see someone else blocking the intersection we yell at them as wee. We need to see what we are doing wrong and not get mad at others for the same reason. We also need to see that others drivers are ususally not trying to slow us down or to make us late for work. We need to be a little caring and not think that our car is our dormain.

The third thing I learn in this class was how to type my labreports using the emacs account. I felt that it was difficult in the beginning but with a lot of help it has become a challenge.

Hopefully I will learn a lot more about traffic psychology in the later part of the semester. I hope that by typing out the labreports in the computer it will help me in the future.

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In one of the papers that I had read was about changing peoples personalities. I feel that we should accept others personalities that we can not change or make others change because we do not like it. We need to take a good look at ourselves and if we do not like someone's personalities we need to change our outlook on people and instead of changing their personality. We need to modify our personality and to accept people the way there are. We need to accept that we can not change others because we do not like the way their are behaving. We need to learn that only themselves can change them and not others.

This is a very selfish way of thinking, that we like to see other people bad habits and like to change them. Although, we see ourselves as perfect individuals and that we do not need any personality change-only others. We also think that if someone has a problem with our personality, to just deal with it. We also feel that when we do not like someone's behavior we try to think that they should change because it upsets us or bothers us.

We need to be able to accept the way people are and that we are not all that perfect ourselves. Everyone has falses in personality that people does not liek and we just have to accept it becuase these people are not going to change for us. Therefore, if we do not like it then we need to change our behavior.

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The internet problems I had were basically not knowing how to get into the glassary file,homepage file,labreport and the syllabus.

In the beginning, I felt that ht ecomputer was not working right becouse I thought that I was doing the same thing everyone else was doing, but that was not true. I tried to ask others students and they knew what they were doing they forgot what they did, or were also lost. I felt a little relieved that at least I was not alone. Misery loves company, right.

I felt that learning how to use the internet was complicated for those who do not use the computer and know how to work the computer. After the thired week I felt that this class was not right for me. I felt like a failer because I felt mor estudents knew what was going on and I felt alone. I also felt fustrated because the more time I spent in the computer lab the more lost I felt. I felt that it would be so much easier if we are to type our reports on a wordprocesser but after the middle half of the class using the computer is easy.

For example a day in the computer lab, after class about 6:00pm I would go to Keller Hall. I turn on the computer and get into the emacs labreport then I find out that I can not log in. I spoke to the computer guy that works there and he has no clue what I am taking about. So I deceided to walk him to how I can not get into the file he says I do not know how to get into emacs or lynx all he knows is pine. He says he just started working there. O great I thought,so come to find out that my name has not be log on. This is where the problems began.

When I finally could log on my password, would go into emacs labreport and type out my lab report then when I would save the labreport it would erase everything. At first I thought that when the computer would save then the screen would go blank-- at least that is what I hope. So I would try and pull up my lab report and it was not there. I really felt like crying. There was another guy working at the computer lab and he did not know why it was doing that, he also did not emacs or lynx.

Anyways that day I spent 3 hours in the computer lab and did not get anything done.

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Instructor's weekly comments

To go through the Instructor's weekly comments I typed my name and password to get into unix and then typed lynx then I look for the highlighted that says Instructor's Weekly Comments te I press the mouse key down then that opens up Instructor's weekly comments.


To go through the syllabus I go into the Instrucotr's weekly comments and then look for syllabus which is highlighted and look in the syllabus. When I look for somethings specifically I just usually go through everything and keep looking until I find it. This takes a lot of time and the only reason I do this is Because I do not know where anything is.


The way I fight being a pessimist is I try to find a person that can help me that is in the same boat as I am in which is lost. I do not try to take it so hard because that won't help me. What I will nomally do is just ask around to see if anyone would help me.


How do I fight getting depressed--I don't. Why fight getting depressed. By finding informationin a hypertext gets me fustrated. In the beginning, my log on name would not work. For about 3 weeks, I keeped trying and trying and then finally my log on name worked. I thought it was me becuase everyone else's name woorked but mine. At this tme I was falling behind and getting worried that I would not be able to be caught up in time. I was not at all depress but very much fustrated.

My Advice

My advice to others is if you are having any kind of problem get help soon. Don't think that you cansolve your problems yourself becuase if you are computer illiterate like myself then you will needhelp from anyone that is willing to help you.

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The student papaer from last semester showed me that how hand it is to change your driving behavior. It showed how we do not think about how a really bad driver we really are. The student thought that she was the only good driver and that everyone elsse should have takenn classes on how to drive from her.


The student did not accomplish very much. I feel that if you were driving more than one year, you pick up bad habits and for one semester to change an everyday bahavior would take a lot fo time and patients. Although, this student did accomplish what her bad behavior habits were in driving such as tailgating and speeding.

state of mind

I felt the students state of mind was surprised because she would get angry at people driving a certain way and realized that she drives that way also. She need expressed how hard it is to change her behavior. She said everytime she would concentrated to watch her behavior then the minute something bad she seen a driver did she would critized them. She realized that see would need to work on it, but stated it is so hard.

Self Witnessing

I learned that these self-witnessing reports are surprising to the driver. They do not realize that they are doing these bad things. Maybe if someone as a passinger tells what the driver is doing that is not good, then possibly the driver would consciencous remember what she is doing wrong.


I believe that to change someones habit is hard. It would not be overnight or easy. This would take a lot time and effort on the drivers part. It the driver thinks that she is a perfectly good driver then there would be a problem even so. We as bystanders can not expect people to change for us even if we think it would benefit them. Because it is really to benefit us.

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labreport 6

Introduction In doing the Webcrawler

search, I felt that it was very easy. All I did was go into the Instructor's Home Page then look for the bold facing Webcrawler then I just typed in traffic and all these files about traffic comes out. Then just clic on what I wanted then I am in the file. It was so easy. I love it.

Southern California Traffic Report

In this file I felt that it was very interesting. It was about how people could find the traffic status at home by via internet. I wish that we had something like that here. I think that would be cool, we could find out where is the traffic so I would not get late for work or school. There were 25 netscape browsers in that file.

Adominal Pain Automobiles Crash

This browser seemed like a news report. It was about a 18 year old man that was driving high speed who was a motor vehicle crash. His blood pressure was normal. Heart rate was 110bpm. He went to the hospital in the trama center unit. The blood in his system states that he drank a lot, but the male says he did not have any alcohol.

State of North Carolina Department of Insurance

This report seemed like a company card. It has their phone number and they explain how they just don't do car insurance but all different kind of insurance. They also explain how complicated insurance is. At the end they explaain that speeding is $200.00 and 3 insurance points.

Conclusion I felt that the Webcrawler was very easy and fun. It was very easy to get into and was not complicated. I really enjoyed the Webcrawler.

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labreport 7


By reading people's labreport, it was very interesting how everyone feels about driving. Basically everyone feels about the same way as I do, we all think that we are always right and we are all better driver than the next one.

By reading Tod Takitani's labreport, he has a very "never a dull moment" life. I can relate to his way of thinking about how he thinks about Also see Takitani report. He explains that just take a little at a time and do not get so over whelmed. He says that just do a little and then come back later and do some more. In other words, do not give up.

By reading Diane Beachimin report about Also see Beachimin report it made me laugh hard. She explains how we need to laugh, it is our medicine to a healthier life. She says that everyone now days are so serious and you can't tell a joke with someone taking it the wrong way. Come to think of it,it is one of the first things we learn as a baby:eat,sleep,cry,and laugh. But as we get older we do less of laughing and more of getting angry. Funny isn't it.

Lastly, I read Nicole Yoshimitsu report about Also see Yoshimitsu report.She had talked about how people in Hawaii are known for their "ALOHA" but except in driving. It seems as if people in Hawaii lose their aloha when driving. They become aggressive drivers. They don't say thank you or anything really friendly. It is funny how people loes their personality while driving. I wonder what makes us like that is it society or do we need that attitude to survive in the traffic life.


By reading everyones labreport, it made me think how these students deal with everyday stressers. go to the top

labreport 8


I thought that reading another class report was very interesting. I have read Allison Ashima, Grant Harada, and Tina Smith.

By reading Allison Asahima report I could very much relate to her feelings. She had explained the depression she would go into by not getting into the computer or not be able to logon.
Then I had read Grant Harada's labreport and I could understand his fustration as well. He explains how every time he goes onto the computer he gets fustrated, then after getting use to the feeling he explains that now he is enjoying being fustrated. Isn't that funny.

I had to feel sorry for Tina Smith because she had all the problems in the world when ever she gets on the computer she feels depressed.I could relate to that because she would try very hard and still no results.

I thought I was the only one that was having a hard time with the computer but it feel good when you finally catch on .
labreport 9

Driving Personality Makeover

The understanding is to realize what kind of driver you are and to modify your driving behaivor if it is a problem. Let's face it, we all think that we are a better driver than that next person. We think that we are a perfect driver that even when we are passingers we tell the the driver things like "go now" or "you should have gone." It is a problem because we don't think that we have a problem or a driving problem at least. A driving personality will help drivers be more patient, be able to control bad habits and be able to control ones temper

.Traffic Psychology

Traffic psychology relats to driving personality helping ones self over come bad driving habits. It will tranform oneself to be a happy driver behind the wheel. It will also create ones peace of mind in driving which won't be such a nucience. It will also make you aware of how you drive.

Good Driver

I feel a good driver is just to be alert and aware of the road. I think a good needs to be courtious and let others know if you want to cut into the lane or you want to turn. Waving thank you, if someone does let you in. I believe that if you don't be nice to people on the road, these people will turn into monsters drivers and be very rude to everyone. I know this from the heart because I come from past experience. I too, use to wave thank you and turn on my sign all the time I change lane's or make turns. And you know what, I does not pay off. When I turn on my signal people would drive up or when I would let other people in, they would a not say thank you. I became a pleasant driver to a bitter driver. I rate myself as an okay driver. I think there is no-good driver. No one would admit that they are a bad driver or at least I would'nt.

Engineering my own make over

I would first find out one problem at a time on what I should change about my driving. Then, I would have someone in the car to coach me through the day. To relax my slef I would listen to peaceful music and maybe with subliminal messages saying "thats okay" "don't be mad". I think that to change my behavior of driving would take a lot of time and effort.
labreport 10

Dynamics of traffic Convoys

The results on the dynamics of traffic convoys are bad. I feel that convoys are just like gangs: they only cause trouble. I feel that convoys are just very irritating. I also feel that I am always in a convoy. In the morning when I go to school there is lost of convoys everywhere. They just do not let anyone in. It is hard sometime to not to take it personally that no one will let you in. I feel that if you don't let someone in it only holds up traffic. I felt the students state of mind was surpirsed, because they would get angry at people driving a certain way and realized that they drive that way also. They had expressed how hard it is to change their behavior. They said everytime they would concentrate to watch they behaivor then the minute something bad they seen a driver did they would critized them.


I think if will chang e my driving style, now I will let more people in and be so traffic will flow smoothy.
labreport 11

In the oral presentation the student talk about how she did an observation on women are better drivers. She said that men tend to be more aggressive drivers and risk takers. She had also done research on it and all she found was all the studies were done were done by men which made the hypothesis bias. Yet, she still feels that women are better drivers than men. She had also asked the police department who gets into more accidents men or women. The police department said both. I guess it depends on who you talk to. Everyone thinks they are a better driver than the next person.
labreport 12


I feel that tailgating is the worse thing you can do while driving.


The legal implications on tailgating are that people are too close to other cares. It will make others nervous and could cause an acciden. Another reason is that if one care stops suddenly then the back car won't have any time to stop, then would hit the care in the front.

The moral impliatins are that you might be in the cars personal space. It would cause anxity and the car might feel rushed or may not be able to think strainght, which may cause an accident.


I can not think of any spirtual implications at this time.


I find that tailgating a bad habit. People should not be tailgating. To me tailgating is like following someone or stalking someone. It is just not right. There should be a law against tailgating.
labreport 13


What he found was that when he drove to solf music he felt more relaxed and not as stressed to traffic. But when he drove to fast music or heavy metal music he became a aggressive driver. He said he would weave in and out of traffic. He also mention that he bacame a more angry faster. He then concluded that he is always a safe driver, that he would never try to endanger someones elses life.
labreport 14

When going into the Web I could not find anything traffic related. But when I typed in Speeding I found go to the top

labreport 15

When I eamined my Web pages it lookes like the same as the others in lass. It took a lot to accomplish this class. It was a lot of hard work. It was worth it bacause i flet that i could not finish this class but I did. My Advise

My advice to others is if you are having any kind of pbrolbem get help soon. Do not think that you can solve your bpoblems yourself because if you are computer illiterate like myslef then you will need help from anyone that is willing to help you.

When I first started this class seemed very hard but it got easier. What I would do differently is get help sooner. Do not wait. I am very happy what I have accomplished. My future on the World Wide Web will be starting. My advice and suggestions for the instructor is to do things slower. Pay attention to other students concersn. He should continue his efforts in building a generatinal cyberspace superdocument Because it is the future.I think you shoudl save the generation files for others students to follow them. I won't be able to maintain the files because I do not have time to. i plan to have my files on the web for future generations to use and link to . I do plan to revise the cyberspace learing area in the next few years. I expect that I would be more of an expert in the Web. I feel that for the next semester's genration is to do not wait if you are lost, get help fast.

All in all, this class was very helpful and very changlening.