Todd Takitani's Home Page Psy 459 Hawaii

My first lab report: Initial thoughts, feelings, and plans.

Other people's lab reports: So I can see how far behind I am.

Instructor's Comments File: To see what Dr. James, the God of our class, has to say.

Wanna Get Hooked Up?

Mmmm...Finding a Relationship!

Uh-Oh, Cover Your Eyes (Or Turn Off Your Netscape)!

WWW of Sports

Hoop Dreams?

Anywhere But the Y: Can't have them $50-a-night places!

Help Save Mahalo: Save Mahalo from disaster.

The San Diego Traffic Report: All you need to know about the home of natural disasters

A 300ZX Just LOVES Traffic: But will you love the 300ZX?

The Cyberspace Automotive Performance Automotive Information Server: Everything you ever wanted to know about automobiles.

No Two Zits Are Alike: The tragic story of Kathy Stevens.

How to Lose Weight

Childhood Trust: Melancholy, at best.

Till Death Do Us Part: True love never dies.

A Near-Death Experience: Well, at least it cleared my sinuses!