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Nicole's Lab Reports
Nicole Yoshimitsu, GLOSSARY, Psy 459


1)emacs: word processing system in telnet that we can write and edit our labreports in. [see Todd Takitani's definition]

2)accordian effect: this is a phenomena of driving in traffic. This happens when cars drive in pacts. There is some space between the cars when the flow of traffic is moving, but when there is a stop light, the space between the cars becomes significantly less. This continues to occur in a sort of cycle; pulling apart and then coming together again, much like an accordian: thus, the name.

3)pine: the thing we use to send messages to each other. [see Shane Akagi's definition, it is a much better explanation of pine

4)toggle: to turn on and off like a light switch; in the case of computers- to depress a key several times to back and forth between two screens, i.e. the front and back of a document.

5) convoy: several cars driving together along the same road within close proximity of each other.

6) facilitative driving: driving safely and not allowing our emotions control us.

7) anchor: a place marker that a person makes in a document so others can refer to that particular place in a document without scrolling down the whole document. [see also Shane Akagi's definition]

8) link: used to connect one document to another and one file to another.

9) telnet: a link to computers all over the world.

10) traffic violence: any act of violence, real or imagined, that one commits while driving.

11) driving invisibility: the belief that once you enter your car you suddenly become invisible and no one can see what you're doing.

12) mosaic: the name of a program that allows one to travel through the internet

13) information shock: too much information all at once, causing a person to panic and go into shock.

14) pico: a program for editting.

15) generational curriculum: an accumulation of thoughts and ideas shared between several different generations.

16) web crawler: used to search for information in the World Wide Web

17) mini-self-modification: an experiment in which a person observes his/her driving behavior and analyzes it before and after a form of intervention is applied.

18) kermit: unix program for uploading and downloading a file from one program t another.

19) modem: a device or unit used on computers that allows one computer to call another computer and connect to that system.

20) backseat driver: this is the annoying person that sits in one of the passenger seats and tells the driver how to drive. For example, a backseat driver would tell the driver to slow down or inform the driver of road hazards that are in plain view of anyone with sight. [see also Cynthia Arashiro's definition]

21) bystander effect: this is when a person goes into shock during an emergency situation, freezes and simply watches the whole event occur as if not involved.

22)driver aggression: any outward act that is intended to harm another person while driving.

23)net potato: a person that is constantly in front of the copmputer on the internet. The equivalent to a couch potato.

24)sucking phenomenon: this is when cars in traffic get sucked into the lane that is moving faster because of the small spaces that may be created by the accordion effect.

25)Todd Takitani: by far the funniest internetter in psy 459. You have to see Takitani's glossary.

26)talk: this thing that lets you talk to another person that happens to be logged on at the same time you are. Unfortunately I can never seem to get it to work. [see also Kendall Matsuyoshi's definition]

27)expunge: a person that used to body board. this is what they ask you if you want to do to delete your e-mail in your inbox.

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