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Lab Reports For Psychology 459 -- Traffic Psychology

Participants link their concerns over time, as well as to each other, by topic or similarity of experience.

Hints on doing your first lab report
Hints on how to view sample lab reports

  1. Jo Allen
  2. Shane Akagi
  3. Cynthia Arashiro
  4. Caroline Balatico
  5. Diane Beauchemin
  6. Kevin Bogan
  7. Todd Crawford
  8. Jae Isa
  9. Laura Izutsu
  10. Claudia Kaneshiro
  11. Adele Kimura
  12. Joleen Lai
  13. Bo Mar
  14. Kendall Matsuyoshi
  15. Rayson Noguchi
  16. Stacy Okuhana
  17. Michelle Ota
  18. Aaron Reisner
  19. Danell Saito
  20. Terri Slaughter
  21. Ryan Tadaki
  22. Trent Takaki
  23. Tod Takitani
  24. Nicole Yoshimitsu

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Hints on doing your first lab report

Logon at UHUNIX, then:
telnet: open
(to):  (this is the CSS Web server in Porteus)
login: yourlastname
password: yourlastname
www:  passwd  (to pick your own password)
old:  yourlastname
new:  whateveryoulike

www:  (note:  don't use Pine on this server.  They don't want us to
	because of insufficient disk space.  Go back to UNIX for

www:  dir
	(always good to see your directory contents from time to

www: emacs yourlastname.html

(this will create your home page file) Please  see instructions  on how to view sample
pages you can copy from.  Type your report and save the file with
Control-x then Control-c and answer y (yes for save).  For more emacs
instructions go here

www: emacs labreport.html
	(this will create your lab report file.  Do the same as the other file)

www:  lynx yourlastname.html
	(this will show you what it looks like in Lynx)

Now you need to set your options in Lynx so you can edit your files
with emacs without leaving Lynx.  Very handy!!  Once done, you don't
need to this again for the rest of the semester.

lynx screen:  o  (for options)
dialog box:  E (for editor)
dialog box:  emacs RETURN
dialog box: shift-> (to save the setting)
dialog box: r  (for return to lynx)

lynx screen: e (for editor)

Now you're in your file and can edit it for errors, etc.  To get back,
type Control-x Control-c y (for yes save) -- as usual with emacs.  Now
you are back in Lynx to see your changes.  This way you can go back
and forth between the Lynx front screen and your html file in the back
of it.  Repeat with the other file.

lynx screen: q (for quit)
www: logout

and you are back at the UHUNIX prompt where you can logout or go to
Pine or do some Gopher navigation (just type gopher at the prompt).
Hints on how to view sample lab reports

www: dir
www: lynx ../../traffic/stlabreports.html

	(select student Bo Mar) (Now look at how the front page (what
	you see on the Lynx screen) looks like and
	note all the links.  Try the links and come back with u) (Now
	let's look at the source page: this is the way Bo Mar had to
	type it in order to achieve the results you see on the screen
	in lynx.  Type this:)
 www: =
	(the equal sign brings on the info page.  Look at the
	name of the file and the name of the link.  It's good practice
	to regularly look at the info page of links until you feel
	confident you can name the files and get there when you want to)
www: =
	(this toggles, so it brings you
	back to the front view on the Lynx screen)
www: \

	 (the back slash brings you the source file
	as it was typed by the person.  Now study this and take notes.  See
	how the person made href links and name links for
	anchors.  Be sure that your report contains all these links:
(1) to your home page
(2) to the Student Lab Reports file for the class where a link to your home page already exists (created by the instructor)
(3) to the reports of other students (this one you do throughout the semester, as you read more and more of the other students' reports).
www: \ (toggles back and forth) Now explore the existing documents, going from link to link, using u to return and change directions. Whenever you see an interesting screen page, hit the \ and study how the person achieved the effect using HTML formatting.

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