Syllabus for Psych WI/409b
Fall 1998/ G10

InstructorDr. Leon James, Professor of Psychology, University of Hawaii

Office Hours...Gartley 213A.......12:00 to 1:00 M, T, R
Telephone: Instructor's office 956-8005
Home office and recording messages: 261-2382

Class Home Page:

Class time: T 1:00 to 3:30 in WEB 115 (classroom) and Porteus 635 (computer lab).

Course Description:
Cyber-Psychology is the study of cyberspace and online relationships. Topics to be covered include: Newsgroups; Cyber-Identity; Virtual Selves, Computer Addiction, and the Social Psychology of Web Architecture. For this class, no special Internet computer skills are required, only a willingness to face and overcome your technophobia. You will receive hands-on training in the computer lab. You will learn to set up your Home Pages on the World Wide Web and use search engines to investigate and access course related Web Sites. There will be no exam, but all reports and assignments are to be published on your Home Page according to instructions. Classes are in the form of discussions and oral presentations by students.

Sherry Turkel (1995), Life on the Screen: Identity in the Age of the Internet (New York:
Touchstone Book).
Elizabeth Castro (1996), HTML For the World Wide Web (Berkeley, CA:   Peachpit Press).



Completion of Internet Literacy Exercises on time


Class Oral Presentations and the following discussions


Timely participation in our email discussions


Appearance, content, and quality of your Web site containing your reports and projects.

A = 85 points...... B = 84 - 70...... C = 69 - 60...... D = 50 - 59...... F = 49

Absence Penalty:  -5 points/per class absent (also: 3 lates = 1 absence).

Late Work Penalty:  -2 points/per day late.

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