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Who am I

I am a student at the University of Hawaii majoring in Psychology, hoping to graduate with a B.A. in the Summer of 97. During my spare time, I enjoy hangin out with my friends at the beach or shooting pool.
Currently I do not have the free time to do any of these acitivities which I enjoy because my friends and I from Generation 3A, are all obsessed with trying to do the best we possibily can to make our homepages and reports presentable to everyone out there. Therefore we are spending all of our free time at a computer, praying that we will be able to finish our homepages and reports before the deadlines. You see, this homepage and reports are all assignments assigned for a psychology class. Well, feel free to read my friends' and my reports, drop us an e-mail message, or go to my instructor's homepage to look at previous generations' reports.

My Reports

My Report1 - Studying the Online Generational Curriculum in Traffic Psychology - Tips on the benefits of a Driving Personality Makeover and how to impliment one.

My Report 2 - My Learning to Use A Web Search Engines: Lycos - The information I gathered using the search engine Lycos on dream analysis.

Topics - A Topical Index of my Report 1 and Report 2

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