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by Leon Jame

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Theistic Psychology” is the science of immortality based on the observations of E. Swedenborg (1688-1772) and on the correspondential meaning of Sacred Scripture.

New Church Mind” refers to all who attempt a radical personality change from natural to spiritual consciousness, which is a lifelong anatomical growth process of the mind called regeneration.

1.     Avatar Psychology and Mental Anatomy

2.     Best Friends in Love: Natural and Spiritual Dimension of Marriage

3.     Doctrine of the Wife Lecture Notes and Articles:
Part 1  ||  Part 2  ||  Part 3 

4.     Doctrine of the Wife for Husbands: A Spiritual Practice for Achieving Unity:
Part 1 ||  Part 2  ||  Part 3  ||  Part 4

5.     The Conjoined Pair (Amazon Kindle Digital Book)

6.     Further Resources on site

7.     A Man of the Field: Forming The New Church Mind In Today’s World
      Digital Amazon Kindle version ||  Paperback version

8.     Discoveries by Leon James


9.     Site Map for


10.  Substitution Technique for Deriving the Spiritual Sense of Sacred Scripture


11.  Human Development: How We Learn and Develop Rationality


12.  Theistic Psychology: Teaching the Scientifics of the Interiors of the Third Testament


13.  Perizonius Thesis: What We Think Affects the Whole Race in Both Worlds


14.  Religious Behaviorism


15.  Swedenborg Glossary


16.  Regeneration--Divine Psychotherapy


17.  Spiritual Geography--Part 1--Graphic Maps of Consciousness for Regeneration


18.  Genes of Consciousness: Spiritual Genetics for Regeneration


19.  Substantive Dualism: Swedenborg's Integration of Biological Theology and Rational Psychology

20.  De Hemelsche Leer--A Spiritual Bombshell


21.  De Hemelsche Leer 3


22.  De Hemelsche Leer in Swedenborg Glossary  (Part 1)


23.  Out Of Egypt Have I Called My Son: Teaching the Scientifics of the Internal Sense of the Writings 1. By the Substitution Technique 2. By Diagramming


24.  The Spiritual Significance of Neologisms


25.  Spiritual Psychology: The Mental Technology of Self-Witnessing


26.  Overcoming Objections to Swedenborg's Writings Through the Development of Scientific Dualism


27.  The Organic Mind: Discovering the Mental World of Eternity

28.  Spiritual Psychology in Swedenborg Glossary


29.  Spiritual Psychology


30.  Theistic Science in Swedenborg Glossary


31.  A Guide to Spiritual Self-examination

32.  Radicalist Empiricism: The Universal Modes of Enactment in Human Experience: A Self-Witnessing Account of the Discovery of Sudden Memory and My Interpretation of Its Significance for the Human Race


33.  The Making Theistic Psychology

34.  Spiritual Significance of Neologisms


35.  The Genes of Consciousness in Spiritual Development


36.  Moses, Paul, and Swedenborg:  Three Steps in Rational Spirituality

37.  Correspondential Sense of the World's Sacred Scriptures Proving that there is a Unified Theistic Psychology

38.  Half a Century of Science in Psychology Scientific Neologisms Coined by Leon James For the Period 1958-2008

39.  Notes on De Hemelsche Leer (DHL) Part 1--Degrees of Consciousness

40.  Principles of Theistic Psychology:  The Scientific Knowledge of God Extracted from the Correspondential Sense of Sacred Scripture (Web document; 18 volumes)

41.  Resources on Theistic Psychology (Web documents by Leon James and others)

42.  Songs Spiritually Understood About Driving Cars on Roads and Highways

43.  Swedenborg Encyclopedia of Theistic Psychology: The Ideas of Swedenborg Expressed in Modern Scientific Psychology

44.  The Correspondential Sense of Sacred Scriptures: Proving that there is a Unified Theistic Psychology Hidden within the World’s Historical Sacred Writings

45.  The Organic Mind: Discovering the Mental World of Eternity

46.  Theistic Psychology and Mental Biology 

47.  Various Articles on Swedenborg and Theistic Psychology


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