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1.     Conjugial Love and Eternal Marriage: The Biological Theory of Mind and Immortality (2012) with Diane Nahl

2.     Avatar Psychology and Mental Anatomy (2009

3.     Correspondential Sense of Sacred Scriptures: Proving that there is a Unified Theistic Psychology Hidden within the World’s Historical Sacred Writings (2009

4.      Overview of Theistic Psychology Through the Sayings of Leon James, Emmanuel Swedenborg and Jesus of Nazareth (2009)

5.     Organic Mind: Discovering the Mental World of Eternity (2008

6.     The Spiritual Significance of Neologisms by Leon James (2008

7.     Lecture Notes on Mental Anatomy (volume 1) (2007)

8.     Lecture Notes on Mental Biology (volume 2
Lecture Notes on Correspondences (volume 3

9.     Principles of Theistic Psychology (18 volumes) (2004-2007)

10.  A Man of the Field (3 volumes) (2002)   (this book available at Amazon)

11.  Unity Model of Marriage (2001-2007

12.  Moses, Paul, and Swedenborg (1999

13.  Swedenborg Encyclopedia of Theistic Psychology (1996-2007

14.  Doctrine of the Wife (1985 

15.  Best Friends in Love: Natural and Spiritual Dimension of Marriage (2000)

16.  Songs About Driving Cars on Roads and Highways Spiritually Understood (2007

17.  Half a Century of Science in Psychology: Scientific Neologisms Coined by Leon James between 1958 and 2008 

18.  De Hemelsche Leer  

19.  De Hemelsche Leer 2 

20.  De Hemelsche Leer 3 

21.   Theses in DHL

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