Beeing a part of a generational Cyber Community

When I sampled homepages of other students that took the same class in the years before me originality of their homepage was one of the most important aspects I was looking for. I realized that I started to imagine the people that created these pages. Interestingly enough the personalities I imagined were based only on the way they created their hompages. The real person might be completely different from the virtual person created by my projection of their cyberhome. It seamed a lot like imagining a person that you don't know by seeing their house and the way it is set up. Therefore I would like to give an accurate projection of my personality by creating my hompage. For many people this hompage will be the only contact or information they will ever have about me. It is wired to imagine that maybe my grandchildren will read this report. They be able to see some Aspect of my life that has long gone by.
It is almost like video taping one's mind. Ideas, thoughts and attitudes are stored in the page. When people go through different generations of this curriculum they will be able to see and possibly study the differences and trends not only in ideas but also in technology. This is a brand new way of communicating between generations long after they have moved on with their lives or even passed away. I am sure many of the hompages are not serviced or changed anymore. The internetsurfer however does not know if they are or not. It would be very interesting for myself to revisit the page a while from now to.

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