Cyberspace and Cyber community

Cyber space

Cyber-space stands for computer space. In reality thatās what it is anything that we see on the Internet is a file occupying space on a computer somewhere. The Cyber-community therefore comes to exist when files are shared. The simple fact that files are shared however does not make for a community. It is essential that interaction will take place. Some people even say clicking become a spiritual experience. These communities can be very interactive or just occasionally interactive. In any case relationships develop between the members in this communities. This is where Cyber-psychology comes in play. The communities are without boundaries and become more interconnected every day. As we discussed in class the tendency is towards one completely interconnected community. This is definitely the trend. However it will never fully be implemented . I think it would no be desirable anyway.

My Cyber personality

A major difference to the real world is that in cyberspace all aspects of output are completely controllable. The consequence is that physical aspects become obsolete. There are no eyes to the netizens. What ever they choose to portray is what the rest of the world sees. This filters a lot of noise out of the interactions. For example research shows that we interact completely differently with people that we perceive as good locking then with people we perceive as bad looking. These mechanisms are often subconscious meaning that we can never know how we are really perceived during interaction. The net does not allow for this opportunity unless we choose to display pictures or video.

Cyber Presents

Dominance which came up during one of the class sessions is not controllable and therefore probably only very limited existent. We chose where we click and how long we want to stay at someoneās cyber-home no one can make us stay and we can disconnect when ever we want.


The Internet permits to be almost complete anonymous. This creates a possibility for a huge forum of people that are otherwise reluctant to seek counseling or interaction in the physical world Due to these options Cyber-psychology comprises of a variety of areas anything from counseling to dynamic of interaction groups and impact of computer addiction. The site The Psychology of Cyberspace is very resourceful and deals with a lot of these topics.
Here is an example of an extensive counseling and information center on the net CYBER PSYCH

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