Part B
Learning the Internet in a Cyber Community


First of all I have to say that this is contrary to most forms of learning that I have been exposed to over the last 18 years of education. Most of the time students work by them self or in small groups. They don't get to see the work of the rest of the class. In this Generational Curriculum we can not only see what our fellow classmates are writing but also how the class was organized in the generations before us. It is very inspirational to see the excellent pages of all the other students. Sometime it is somewhat frustrating because I can see all the things that need improvement on my page but time as is limited. In addition we can get a pretty good idea how good our performance in the class is. Al the reports that are written are now not only for the professor but also for anyone who care to read them. I feel this makes a lot more sense and eventually will create a lot of inspiration.

Skills and Knowledge

The way the class is set up is that we are really getting both aspects of the Internet. Firstly we acquire the passive knowledge of the Internet. What it is and how it works. Secondly we are getting actively involved in the Internet and acquire a skill like HTML that is highly marketable and on the cutting edge of the business trend


Since I am an intentional student from Germany many of my friends going through the German educational system have asked me how School in Hawaii is. Now there is a chance for them to first hand see what we are doing and how the system is set up. This is the Intra generational communication. The intra generational communication on the other hand has totally amazed me. I spent a lot of time sampling other students pages for this report. There is a magnitude of images and different styles of page creation that I had never guessed. Students are given the opportunity to not only do homework but also express themselves. This is a form of art where one does not have to be exceptionally skilled to create great results.

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