What are Web Search engines?

To understand what web search engines are we must first have a general understanding of the Internet or world wide web. In brief the Internet consists of thousand of different computers that have
storage space allocated that is made accessible to everyone else who is able to connect to this computer. These computers are called "Servers". The space is formatted into files that are readable by programs called Browser. Every server has its own number or address just like a phone number.
All Servers are interconnected by phone lines. The entirety of the different connections are called the Internet. So physically the Internet does not exist it is virtual. Servers are added and disconnected as you read this. Therefore there is never a fixed number of computers connected. How can we find anything on the Internet? There many possibilities. We could just try out different addresses and see if we find something. Or we could tell other people our addressee Or we could use a Searchengine.
People have the option of listing their addresses with references and keywords about the stuff of their files with searchengiens. The searchengiens keep databases on those listings and make them available when you enter keywords It is important to notice that by no means all existing hompages are to be found through search engines
In addition to homepages searches can also be made in usenet. Usenet is like a bulletinboard. The difference is that instead of putting up a peace of paper you post an E-mail massage that anybody can retrieve. Also many times a search will return a huge number of pages of which most are irrelevant to what you are really looking for

Here is a little insight what other students have reported

All in all it seams to be the same story. Frustration, Not knowing what to do and not finding what they are looking for. I leave you with two quotes from former generations:
CHERISH HIGASHI'S I chose the word "stress" because I felt it to be the one word that summarizes Garrett's topic best, and also because it is something to which no one can be spared from.
Ronel My advice here is that before using a new search engine, you must have prior knowledge about various search engines to see how they work. After doing this, you will have acquired the necessary basic skills to do a search on a search engine. Another advice is that, before doing any search you must know what you are searching for, and make a list of words relating to what you are searching. This will allow you to have an easier time searching. If not, then you will have difficulties using the search engine, making the process of using search engines an unenjoyable experience.

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