Three searchengines compared

A search in two of them

You can search any of these 3 Search Engines YAHOO, LYCOS or EXCITE directly from this page. Go ahead and give it a try.
Most search engines give you the choice of entering words or following a hierarchy. The hirachie has different classes like entertainment and business. You can also type words and specify if you want only pages that contain all searched for words or any combination of them. It is also helpful to exclude words. YAHOO
Yahoo lists URL's. In order to be listed you must list the page with Yahoo. You can also search in usenet or for E-mail addresses. click here for the Yahoo Info Center
Exite searches the web and newsgroups using a robot. A robot is a program that systematically scans webpages. When a page is scanned the robot depending what kind it is then indexes different parts of the page. The actual pages not stored. click here for the web spider homepage
I choose to look for Spiritual psychology to see what comes up and what the differences are on the two search engines.
In Yahoo I found 16 listings for this topic.
Excite on the other hand found 409137 entries. When I went back and commanded the search for documents that contain both words Excite found 13491 entries. In the next step I excluded E-mail massages. Now I was down to 2353 entries. In additional steps I included homepage as a searchable word and so on. The search narrows and narrows. It is always a good idea to make a plan on what and how to search before you begin. Otherwise it can be quite painful and frustrating trying to find something. The information returned is just to complex. Many times you will find the same pages over and over lited under different words.
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