My view on search engines the web and online personality

Search engines

` After this report I now have a way better understanding how to search for a topic and a pretty good idea what is going to be found. For example the only entry with my last name was from a relative that I haven't heard of before. He lives in former East Germany. It is helpful to know that searchengines only list a faction of the actual number of existing pages. Even if a robot enters you site there is a code prohibiting the robot to index your page.

The web

The web or the world wide web is only part of the Internet. There is also usenet and bulletinboards and all those computer networks like CompuServe.
The web is by no means anonymous. Most things can be traced. The capacity of the Internet is despite popular belief limited.

Online Personality

I have learned to evaluate myself as an Internet user. I am starting to get a good idea how I am perceived on the net. I am also gaining inside into my preference which at this point I don't like to share.
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