Questions and Answers about Cyber-psychology


What is cyber-psychology?

Cyber means computer and Cyber-psychology means the psychology that is involved when operating a computer. More specific the word is used for the psychology that takes part on the Internet and the psychology that deals with the activities involved in using the Internet.
Examples for psychology on the net are usegroups and counseling. Examples for psychology involving the Internet are computer addiction and communication on the net.

What are its principles?

The main principle is to establish presence. This is done by clicking

Who should be interested in it?

> Generally all kinds of psychologist should be interested in the exchange of data and research on the net. In addition a lot of people are getting more insight into psychology and are maybe more inclined to self evaluate. Professional psychologist must be aware of this.
In addition the number of exposure to computers increases and therefore the number of side effects from computerusage will also increase.
In general everybody that has questions about psychology has now the chance of finding inexpensive answers on the net.

What are its directions and topics?

What is virtual reality?

Virtual reality is reality that does not physically exist. However it's impact can be even more dramatic then physical reality. In a nightmare for example feelings can appear stronger than in a wake reality. Virtual reality is therefore created within our minds. Creators of virtual reality can therefore have a more direct access to someone's mind.
Since there is no need for physical presence virtual reality takes away o lot of the boundaries that prohibit us from creating in the physical world

What is the relationship between cyberspace and the mind?

Cyberspace does not exist the way we experience it. It is fabricated with the help of our mind. Cyberspace does create a direct link to the mind. The same relationship between the mind and cyberspace exists between the computer output and the actual storage. Data that we see on the screen is stored in ons and offs on the computer. The computer transforms the binary data into virtual data that we are able to recognize.

What is the spiritual significance of clicking on a link ?

There are choices on the Internet. We decide where we want to go. That means we click onto something or we choose not to click onto something. This choice does than create a spiritual presence.
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