What We Think About the Generational Curriculum (Summaries)

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Here is 409b G5's two cents on the previous generations' work.

Glen Acierto's impression:

Upon first exploring the past and present cyber-psychology classes' homepage sites, I was amazed at their ability to create homepage sites that looked so attractive and interesting. Being new to the internet, I didn't know making something like that would have been possible after only a semester of instruction. It was overwhelming to think that I would be doing the exact same thing when this semester is over. When I read the course description for psychology 409b, it specifically stated that no computer experience was needed, so I expected it to be a course in which I would learn the basics of computers and it's relaitonship to psychology. Even that sounded vague to me but it still sparked my interest.
I have always had an interest in computers, but never quite had the time, finances, or access to them. This class was the answer to that problem. Since the beginning of this semester though, it has been a struggling battle for me. I still have limited time, finances, and access to them. After reading some of the past generations experiences', it was nice to know that I am not the only one who had experienced these problems. The stress involoved in going through this course is the same as the stress I experienced in learning a foreign language.
It was comforting to know how many other people had suffered through this and offered words of advice for the future generations. The way I look at it, "If they could do it, so can I!"
With each succeeding generation, it was obvious of the improvements that had been made. Later generations' homepages seemed more dazzling and fancy (Not to "put down" the older generations because all the home pages were very impressive.) This only adds on more pressure for my generation, especially for me. I feel that I have to come with a homepage equal to, if not better than the past generations. That's a challenge tha I will have to undertake. We'll just see at the end of the semester. NO FEAR!!!

Roseanne Ancog'sthoughts:

It took me a lot longer than I thought to get to this section. But I finally made it! Slowly but surely! Anyways, after hours of exploring Dr. James' homepage I became simply overwhelmed by the many wonders and creations exhibited on the computer. While exploring around and clicking here and ther, I wundered how much time, work, and effort was put into all of that . Then I began to think if I would be capable of accomplishing the same thing. I guess I'll be finding that out as I go along.
Upon searching through the Generational Curriculum and looking at previous generation home pages, I noticed the various improvements as technology improved and became more advanced. The better technology improved, the more better web pages became. I guess I'll be seeing this in the generations to come.
Aside from knowing how to operate a comuter and being familiar with the internet, newsgroups, or whatever comes with the computer, I think creativity adds more attractiveness to a web page. I'm just thinking right now that I can't wait to get my web page over and done with! maybe to look at in better perspectives (as to not discourage myself and give up) I'll just keep in mind that fter a lot of sacrifice, endless hours on the computer, frustration, and effort, it may all be worth it in the end. It's really good to know that I'm not the only one feeling such frustration and that there are others in the same boat as me or to know that they felt the same way to begin with. After all I'm learn ing by "trial-and-error."
I have always had an interest in computers but haven't really applied myself to this interest. I just simply thought of it as just a fast way to type a paper without having to use white-out to make corrections. But with technology advancing, it's hard to keep up with it. Now I'm learning slowly about how much things I can do on the computer! Now here I am in the process of making what is to become my so-called own web page.
Getting back to the generational curriculum, I have been impressed by not just one but all web pages students have done. Some had cute little animal icons, another had an "arcade" web page that I thought was kind of neat, while others included a pitcture of theirselves or their significant other, and even their own dog. There was one which you had to guess what kind of dog it was. It was great to see what they ahve all accomplished as a result of their hard work and infinite efforts.
Briefly reading their reports also gave me some idea of what we'll be dealing with in class. I hope I can accomplish the same things they have, but with everything being so advanced, and systems changing, procedures changing, makes it more difficult to get adjusted to, and puts a little more pressure on our generation because as things become more "high-teched" it's somewhat expected of us for our web pages to improve also as other generations to come. I'm sure that as time goes on, so does the advancing of technology and the many wonders a computer can do. For now, I just have to keep in mind that with a lot of hard work, sacrifice, hours and hours on the computer, and effort, it may all be worth it in the end. And as a result, I may be able to reflect on what I have accomplished and be proud to have done what I did. Besides, if everyone else can do, then so can I.

Scott Chang's opinion:

I just finished looking at the Generational Curriculum. It was pretty fun and interesting. the home pages of all of the students are extremely well-done. Hopefullly, I will be able to do the same amount of work as they did. Because their home pages looks like a lot of work was put into them. Some of the pictures are very nice and I think I will copy some of their images. I will also try to make my own images. It will take time, but I am willing to try.
Dr. James expect our generation to be better than the other generations. But, that is a hard thing to do. Some of those pages are so beautiful. to top them will be a hard thing to do. I guess I wll have to stare at a computer for a long time. I'm glad that Dr. James does have the generational curriculum because it helps a lot. Just looking at the pages and the document sources will help me a great deal. Whenever people are talking in lcass, it is difficult to understand. When looking at the reports other people made, it makes it easier for me to understand. but I guess all of the students before us had to do the same thing.
My impressions is one of relief because I feel that the home pages and reports will help me a great deal in writing them. Then length of some of the pages are intimidating but not impossible. With help from those pages and hopefully from everyone int he class, I will be able to do it. It is very scary, but I think that learning this will help me understand the internet better. It is important. Learning these things are difficult, but they aren't impossible.

Kristin Evert's views:

Well, after I finally got to this section of the exercises, I think it's very easy to say that it looks very overwhelming. I saw a lot of really cool homepages and a LOT of reports written by past generation's students. I think it's very easy for me to say that this class is going to be a LOT of work, but it's still really exciting to me since I'll be learning so much. I guess another of my first impressions was how connected all the generations really end up being. We all go and look at other generation's pages and reports. We see how things have changes, maybe for better and for worse. but just the fact that we are creating these reports and pages for other future students is very exciting to me. I am very impressed with the amount of writing that each one of the past students has put into this class. I am very aware that this is a writing intensive class, but I guess with everything together, it just really has made me realize how much it all adds up to. It's also exciting and frightening (at the same time) to think that all of our papers are going to end up here, on the World Wide Web, for everyone to see. At first it thought to myself, "no one will ever find this stuff...I'm safe." But now, as I think about it more and more, people will see it. If no one else, all of those students in the future that will enroll in Psychology 409 will stumble through the reports, just as I did.
Right about now, I am really wondering what I have gotten myself into. I really hope that this all will get easier twith time, but if it doesn't, it seems (from the other generations) that we'll have a lot support for each other. There are probably others in our class that are in the same boat I am, overwhelmed with the amount of information that is trying to get into my brain and function. But, as everything else that causes stress, it looks like it will be worth it. there's a lot of really interesting information found in those reports, and it's not all boring stuff, either. Each report has a personal spin, and that's what makes everything so diverse and so readable. Well, here we go.

Leslie-Ann Francis' summary:

I had already started to look at the General Curriculum Navigation Table (i.e., Dr. James' Home Page) in order to get some ideas for my home page. As most of you have noticed, my table looks very much like Mr. Kai Hansjurgen's from Generation 4. I had already printed out a copy of the Cyberpsychology: Principles of Creating Virtual Presence for our assignment, so I didn't bother to go back into there. What caught my eye was the explorational tour, which I immediately went to. Most of the links were to pages from other generations (mostly Generation 4 I think) which I had already seen, however the whole tour process was great in that it leads you in a logical progression. My tour was cut short, however, by a page which locked up my computer. I think it had a midid driver and midi files attached to it, which some people don't have on their machine -- so it bombed! That was when my tour ended.
I also looked at Diane Nahls Search Index page, which had some preally useful links. I especially liked the U.S. Postal Service Zip code Searcher link. You can put in any city and state, and it spits out the correct zip code for you. Very handy for those of us who don't remember zips.
All inall, Dr. James' page was packed with information, maybe too much (in reading some of your summaries I see that we all agree). However, in trying to think of how I would logically organize my numberous studies and interest, as well as my colleagues and friends realted numbeorus studies and itnerests, I would probably do about the same thing. Maybe rather than a table with lots of wasted space, I would simply use text and create interest by using an icon or tow -- like our 409a, 409b, and 459 home pages. But then, that's just me...

David Jackson's thoughts on the generational curriculum:

On thing I enjoyed about browsing thourgh the web pages fo other generations was reading about their reactions to learning on their computers. I guess I felt sort of relieved that so many people were feeling the same frustrations as I was and having similar problems. Some of them knew as little about computers as I did so it gave me reassurance knowing that there was hope for me in surviving this class. I think I developed a cosmic connection to these past students and their feelings of confusion, frustration, technophobia, and anger! Sometimes I get really close to annihilating my monitor, but I just try to think of the past generations who made it and that someday it will all be worth it.
I was also amazed at some of the web pages created by some of these students. Some were very well organized and include eye-catching pictures and backgrounds. On the other hand, I couldn't access some of the links and it seemed like some weren't finished or soemthing, maybe because of something happening over time. But all are good sources of ideas and information for future generations.
Dr. James' page and the other generations' pages created a pretty network and I found it very easy to get hopelessly lost. There were so many links on every page that I would totallylose track of where I was. At least I learned the improtance of "go" and "bookmarks". Dr. James' page contained an enormous amount of information and I don't think I could ever get through all of it. I have a hard enough time oding our regular work! Although it is very complex it is really well organized and easy to use as long as you keep track of where you are. I thought his ideas on traffic psychology were really interesting. I 've never thought about the psychology of traffic before, but it has such an impact on our lives. Hopefully, I can get to reading more of it later, when I have more time.
I think some of the advice of previous generations is something we should try to follow - especially in keeping up with the work and not getting too far behind, like I'm starting to do. As for me, I missed the frist week of school, so I tried to catch up on all the work as fast as I could. I got really frustrated and on top of that, my computer keeps freeqing on me which really makes it unbearable sometimes. So I started to slack a little, but I know that could really hurt later. I guess most of us are in the same boat, so don't give up and hang in there everyone!

Kendra Morgan's summary:

I found that searching thorugh Dr. James' homepage provided a lot of information about his class and how it had evolved through the last several years. I still have a lot of questions about what our contribution is goint to entail. One thing looks sure though, it looks like this is going to involve a lot of work! The previous generations covered a wide range of interesting topics and introduced me to a lot of new ideas.
The CyberPsychology link on the main hompage connects to an index that has a lot of information about the top of cyberpsychology and some of the principles. I really liked the section on Cyberspace and Mind, it actually made a lot of sense. I used to think that spending hours in front of a computer surfing the web and participating in on-line discussions was a waste of time. The past couple of semesters I have started to change that opinion and this helped to reinforce that. On-line communities provide access to a much broader range fo topics and allow a person to more easily explore areas of interest. There I also had the opportunity to find others who share thier beliefs and experiences. The possibilities that are provided through on-line communities are virtually unlimited. This is part of what makes it so fascinating and continually exciting to millions of people. The Generational Curriculum provides us all with a small glimpse into a vast world that we have essentially only begun to explore. I'm intrigued, if not a little daunted by the work that is ahead!! I just hope that I can keep up with all of these assignments.

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