Background Information
The following assignment is based on transcription of the first thirty minutes of a conversation which lasted approximately one hour. Participants in the discussion were the writer, and three friends. Tom and Christy have had an intimate relationship for the past four years; Doris and Jeff have been married for about a month. Christy met Doris while working in a small office (referred to as "the lawyer's office"). As Doris and Jeff were looking for a roommate, and Tom needed a place to stay, he moved in with Doris and Jeff and two other house mates, about four months previous to the dinner conversation. The dinner was prepared by Christy and Tom as a belated wedding celebration for Doris and Jeff, who had a big wedding on the mainland.

The dinner was held in the Manoa house shared by Doris, Jeff, Tom and two other housemates not present.
1. Doris: Oh, boy!

2. Jeff: Who's going to say grace?

3. Christy: Grace!


4. Christy: I think you should, Jeff, you're the most holy of us.

Oh, but first we should do this, yeah? (pointing to gift) (to Tom) Should we?

5. Tom: Yeah Well, let's open the champagne first.

6. Jeff: Oooh! Excellente ! (Starts taking off foil from around cork of champagne


7. Doris: Watch it! (laughing)

8. Christy: Yeah, don't do it while it's facing anyone, I wouldn't think.

9. Doris: (Reading directions from bottle) "hold bottle firmly while removing cork, pointing bottle away from people."

(All laugh)

10. Tom: Just when you pull it off, make sure you hold on to the top, or it'll shoot.

(Jeff unravels wire around plastic cork)

11. Doris: Take cover

12. Tom: No, it's not that bad. (Laughs)

Just make sure you got a good hold of the top.

(Jeff pops the cork)

13. Tom: There you go.

14. Christy: What a professional!

(All applause)

15. Doris: He always winds up doing this. We went to a wedding one time. They couldn't get the champagne bottle open. These two waitresses were trying and trying to get them open and he...

16. Tom: We had this champagne last time. (Referring to Christy's birthday celebration).

17. Jeff: Umm, and the lilikoi - no, it was haupia cake, that was it.

18. Christy: Oh, was that when we had that?

19. Tom: Yup.

20. Doris: Umm-hmm.

21. Christy: Oh, you had it when I came home, too, remember?

22. Tom: Umm-humm.

23. Christy: Well...

24. Jeff: Well, shall we toast Shall we the newlyweds I (Imitating an announcer's voice).

27. Doris: Another one!

28. Christy: That's pretty good, a month later still. The party never ends! And we're having another one, next month. (Laughs).

(Jeff opens card on top of gift)

30. Jeff: (Reading card) "Awake with a winged heart and give thanks to another day of loving. Hope you have a long and happy life together.

31. Christy: Yay!

32. Jeff: Let's see what we got.

33. Doris: (Opens gift). Oh, boy! A yogurt maker! Just what we needed.

34. Jeff: A yogurt maker!

35. Christy: I figured you needed a new toy, right ? (Tom laughs) 36. Christy: add to your collection.

37. Doris: Oh yes ! I've been wanting to get one of these, and I never do. I always needed one.

38. Christy: Yeah, I'm curious to know how it works.

39. Doris: David got one of these from Karen and Wayne for Christmas. (Referring to people she and Christy had worked with in a previous job).

40. Christy: A yogurt maker for David? Does he eat the stuff?

41: Doris: Oh, yeah. He likes health foods, he loves it.

42. Christy: I didn't know that.

43. Doris: Oh, yes.

44. Jeff: A city boy who likes....

45. Doris: Oh, he loves his health foods. He's always going to the health food store during lunch time.

(Then referring to gift): Oh, it's great, thank you!

46. Jeff: Thank you! Thank you! (teasingly)

47. Christy: You're welcome.

48. Jeff: Thank you, thank you.

49. Doris: Every time I go to the store and tell him - we never have the money. (Then referring to the gift) That's good.

50. Christy: Yeah, and it's not very expensive.

51. Doris: Where did you get this, at Liberty House?

52. Christy: No, I got it at Golden Temple.

53. Doris: Oh, really?

54. Jeff: On Keeaumoku...

55. Oh, that's why you always tell me you're going there. (laughs)

56. Doris: Deena has one of those. Dave makes all their yogurt from that.

57. Jeff: Oh good, you can make me lunch. (Laughs).

58. Doris: You can put fruit, preserves in there.

59. Christy: Um hmm, you can put whatever you want.

60. It probably has recipes in there, actually. (She glances through recipe book)

It's probably a lot cheaper than buying it, too.

61. Christy: Sure.

(Jeff turns on radio on table, which is next to tape recorder).

62. Tom: No, let's not turn on music.

63. Christy: No, don't turn on music.

64. Doris: Turn it off.

(Christy and Tom look at each other and laugh).

65. Jeff: I've been working all day today.

66. Christy: You're the spray man, eh?

67. Jeff: Yeah, spray man of the year.. with goggles and respirator.

(Christy laughs)

68. Doris: I've got Some oil and vinegar dressing, too, if anyone wants that. Does anyone want that?

69. Christy: Less fattening.

70. Doris: Should I get that?

71. Christy: Uh, no, that's okay. asses dressing to Christy).

72. Tom: There's cottage cheese, too.

73. Doris: Is this stuffing or is this We real thing? You used to buy stuffing.
74. Christy: It's croutons. It's good, doesn't have any junk in it.

75. Jeff: You mean preservatives ?

76. Christy: Yeah.

77. Jeff: Did you go over to the Capitol? You said you were. (To Doris)

78. Doris: Go where? The Capitol?

79. Jeff: Yeah, Thursday.

80. Christy: Oh yeah, I went yesterday.

81. Doris: Did you go?

82. Christy: It was very exciting.

83. Doris: Really?

84. Christy: We marched up from Iolani Palace to the Governor's office outside his office - it was great.

85. Jeff: I shook hands with the Governor Wednesday.

86. Christy: How could you? (laughs) How could you do such a thing?

87. Doris: You were talking to him? Did you mention it?

(Referring to Waiahole -Waikane issue).

88. Jeff: He was talking with me and a bunch of other guys.

89. Christy: How come? I mean, what was the occasion?

90. Jeff: It was the Japanese Chamber of Commerce, Meet Your Legislators. Since he's Japanese, he can't miss out.

91. Christy: Are you in the Japanese Chamber of Commerce?

92. Jeff: Yeah.

93. Tom: If you want bread...

94. Doris: I'll just grab a little. It's good bread, too. What kind?

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