Affective Cognitive Sensorimotor
Spiritual Self How do I feel about these assumptions? What loves, affections, attractions, or resistances do I have that support or condemn these assumptions? etc. What principles of truth or falsehood lie behind these assumptions? What views or perspective are contained in these assumptions? etc. What assumptions did I identify which are contained in the passage?
Reflective Self What motivated me to reason in that way? What bias or preferences are behind these reasonings? What goals am I trying to achieve by reasoning in these ways? etc. What justifies these reasonings? What explanations can you give that show whether these reasonings are either correct or implausible? etc. What reasonings did I go through while reading the passages? (You may be able to summarize or use a diagram or flow chart to explain the reasonings.) etc.
Automatic Self Why did it occur to me to say each of those sentences? What drive, impulse, satisfaction, or reward is served when I say them? What do I get out of it? etc. What led me to think of these sentences? What in the passage caused me to think of them? etc. What sentences did I say to myself while reading the passage? etc.

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